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  • Lol, the guys in the video seem like they have just pulled an all-nighter.
  • It's your very own pet. Around how much did that cost?

  • Heres a micro 12 motor.....



  • Pretty incredible, is that bluetooth?When is Spektrum coming out with one?
  • I saw a rather small quadcopter that students at MIT made, it is about the same size as the one in this post.
  • Tumba, I guess is it is , one l is missing in your post.
    Der Smartflyer von Hartmut Kaak
    Smartflyer, der 4 Rotor Hubschrauber von Hartmut Kaak. Die Elektronik mit drei Kreiseln sorgt dafür, dass sich die Mikro-Modelle Indoor und auch Outd…
  • I think this 5 years old quadcopter is the smallest and lightest one:



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  • Here's another one using multiwii,
  • Also check out this RCG thread:
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    Awesome.  A massive number of people in Asia don't have big back yards or easy access to flying fields for regular sized quads and planes.  a micro quad like this would be as popular (if not more) as those $20 indoor helis you see everywhere.

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