Sony and JVC taking on GoPro

JVC and Sony are taking on GoPro with new small HD "action cams". The shape of these will possibly have much better aerodynamics than the GoPro... more in line with Contour's cameras. Notice JVC's is already "quad proof". I'm sure they had quad copter drones in mind. :)




JVC's appears to have more features, but I'm especially interested in Sony's as it's rumored to have image stabilization and a Zeiss lens. Not to mention, it looks really small and sleek. It would require a water proof case (if needed) like the GoPro, where the JVC is bullet proof, well "quad proof" out of the box. I haven't come across any details about whether either camera supports a live analog (SD) output. Post a comment if you know anything about these cameras.




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  • It will be interesting to see how these cameras pan out. I imagine with Sony and JVC entering the market, pressure is really going to be on GoPro and Contour to innovate. Personally I felt the Hero2 was a pretty wimpy update. I agree with Birkeland, the first with 60fps at 1080 will be the new leader... at least in my eyes. (and I doubt the street price of the JVC will stay at $350... I hope.)

  • Oh man, I'm a sucker for the camera arms race.  My wife is constantly exasperated "Oh no, ANOTHER new camera?"  "But this one is better!"

  • Developer

    Sure, there will always be some rolling shutter by the nature of how the sensors work. But some sensors are better then others, and the GoPro HD (especially the second model) has it bad.

  • Whatever they write, the rolling shutter effect is clearly noticeable on that JVC promo video.

    There's a simple proof test: apply any automatic video stabilization effect (either in Vegas or wrapStabilizer in After Effects etc..) and rolling-shittered video will behave like it was projected onto a screen which is strongly flattered by wind.

    This happen because each frame, filmed with motion, distorts: copmresses or extends towards camera motion, depending on matrix scan direction.

  • Moderator

    Great if they really can get rid of that jello effect. Noticed it's going to be priced $350, it had better be much better than a GoPro...

  • Quote from JVC :

    Digital image stabilization minimizes camera shake, and the camera includes rolling shutter cancellation that corrects the image skewing that can occur with CMOS image sensors. The result is distortion-free images, even during fast-moving scenes.

  • Moderator

    Both have CMOS sensors so both are likely to suffer the rolling-shutter jello effect, CCD sensors don't have that effect.

  • Developer

    Ellison: 1080p 60fps, image stabilization and improved rolling shutter will quickly kill the gopro. From a photo/video perceptive the GoPro's are toy's, but the lack of any better alternatives has made them popular.

  • No way. JVC does have the same rolling shutter defect that other cameras do.

  • I looked but couldn't figure out if the Sony lens, the Zeiss, was a "floating" lens or not?
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