Sony RX0 for $700.00 looks way better than GoPro

The new Sony looks way more Pro than GoPro


The New Sony RX0 looks like a really Superior camera for our use.

Probably too much to ask to make it work in our old Solos, but maybe with a Cube - who knows.

1" image sensor and high speed HD and shutter and zero to infinity focus and  pretty much distortionless.

Also has uncompressed 4K output.

My guess is this will totally take over from the GoPro in the Pro and Semi Pro applications.

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  • mapping so important for the industry right now and so little interest by cam manufacturers still using s100, qx1 and a6000 same tech as 2015...

  • 100KM
    We need a good rgb mapping camera! Currently there are none!
  • Developer

    While I agree about 4K not really being a must have resolution  yet, you at least want something one step above 1080p to be able to do post stabilization etc. and still get a nice 1080p result. If they included 2.7K I would probably get one.

  • True it doesn't do 4K recording, but personally I use 4K on my Hero very seldom and would definitely welcome higher quality 1080P, especially the high speed capability,

    What is may be more significant is the apparent lack of electronic or optical image stabilization which the other Sony Sport Cams do incorporate.

    On photos, the incredibly fast shutter speed could probably compensate for lack of stabilization, but not so much on video. 

    In reality , although not mentioned in the text, I understand the BionZ chip has very effective built in image stabilization so it seems more a choice as to whether Sony has chosen to implement it or not in this camera.

    I guess we will have to wait and see.

  • "This time it's internal video recording resolution being limited to 1080p."

    Well, that's disappointing then for $700. I was thinking it may have been a better GoPro substitute for my ROV camera.

  • Takes nice pics by the looks of it. Video only 1080 but it does output uncompressed 4k video that can be recorded externally, So not much good. Maybe they can improve that with firmware updates.
  • Developer

    Looks very promising. But Sony semi-pro products has a tendency to include some weird limitations to avoid competing with their own more expensive pro range of products. This time it's internal video recording resolution being limited to 1080p.

  • @ B Garcia,

    I think you can stick in quite large SD card and get way more recording time than 5 minutes.

    And it is designed for very heavy duty use.

    It should work fine in a gimbal, I see absolutely no indication at all it is designed for stationary use.

    To the contrary of Sony's own media seems to indicate high activity, high motion sports cam type use with very good shock resistance and shallow water proofness.

    The biggest unknown/problem for use with a Solo or any other GoPro carrying copter really seems to be WiFi, long range WiFi and control format compatibility which I expect at the moment is zero.

    Hopefully Ardupilot can help us out with that, maybe even on the Cube for the Solo.

    This was really made to compete directly with the GoPro just for Pro and Semi Pro applications or people who actually want undistorted top quality results.

    Basically it looks like what the GoPro should have evolved into 2 years ago.

  • Still, wishing for an updated Sony QX1 with usb triggering/pause/record/video out ,ho-hum

  • 1" image sensor, same size as RX100 or P4P, just lower definition

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