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  •  To advance science some risks must be taken. I don't believe a 10 pound multicopter made of plastic, pcb boards and a bit of carbon could do any catastrophic damage to this rockets metal structure. Bravo SpaceX!

  • @Peter: There is a significant reason for wanting aerial video of the rocket, specifically in the case something goes wrong, they have a side view of what exactly went wrong. That single camera view could be the SINGE MOST IMPORTANT vantage point for keeping a multi-million dollar project on track. Now, which would be worse, a helicopter with a crew  with a camera flying right up close to the lander, a multirotor taking video from a distance with no aerodynamic properties to send it into the lander if it fails, or having a multi-million dollar project fall apart when $2000 could have kept it together? 

  • Hmmm... Am I worried about a giant rocket exploding/veering or a comparatively minuscule multi-rotor hovering near by? 

    I'm going with the former. If SpaceX has permission to launch a rocket in that airspace, then flying the hex is a joke in terms of violation. 

    Nonetheless, this is pretty awesome! Such a smooth descent. 

  • Having a multirotor hovering next to an experimental rocket in flight is an egregious safety violation by any standard.

    Oh come on now.

    Can you please tell us exactly who's lives were at risk, or who's personal property (other than SpaceX's) were at risk?

    Just firing up an experimental rocket is dangerous.  The fact that there was a multicopter nearby is a drop in the bucket.

    I'm all for safety, but there's such a thing as taking it too far.

  • "having an unmanned multi rotor next to an unmanned rocket is egregious safety violation"

    Yeah no.

  • That was cool

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    I'm all for UAS safety and responsible usage, but let's not go overboard. No lives where every at risk here and flying in a closed airspace like this is about as safe and responsible as it can get. I am also pretty sure that SpaceX has done the risk analysis needed. Something that is backed by the fact they SpaceX use multicopters to video document every test flight. An important aspect for any private company is to get public awareness, and to do that it is crucial to have good PR material showing something none has seen before. Ground based video or a manned helicopter with a telelens from a far, would not result in anything close to the video from the last test, where you feel like you are actually flying with the rocket.

  • Simply surreal.

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    pretty sure its the S800 EVO

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    This is not the first test of the SpaceX Grasshopper where a multicopter was used to record its performance from high above the rocket. As I have said before, the multicopter is much cheaper and safer than using a manned vehicle of any kind.


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