Sparkfun announces new robotics competition.

Sparkfun has announced a new robotics competition - ANTIMOV.


We want you to build a robot that completes a trivial task in the most inefficient and laborious way possible. Oh yeah, it needs to destroy itself doing so. Intrigued? We thought so!

Any suggestions on what the most trivial task a UAV could perform in a laborious way is! As I demonstrated at Sparkfun's AVC this year getting a AUV to destroy itself is a simple task - LOL.
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  • Why not hammer a nail through a hydrogen blimp?
  • I vote for hydrogen blimp
  • I vote for the hammer-UAV!
  • How about a device that moves by detonating its own power supply? I figure that should work well, and cheap unregulated Li+ batteries are quite explosive.
  • T3
    How about a navigation algorithm that always takes the long way around the earth to get from point A to point B.
  • Implementing human-like intelligence into a UAV would render it inefficient. Perhaps a navigation system that distracts itself with a GameBoy that is interfaced to it. Lots of close calls....
  • I'm thinking just one of my everyday projects, completing its task first is proving difficult.
  • How about hammering a nail with a UAV. Large weight in nose, find nail, dive into nail.
  • T3
    I'm thinking a blimp with too much hydrogen that needs mega rockets to push it to the ground. Upon impact...fireball.
  • Landing is a trivial task (think about it you just stop flying.....) and an easy destruction option the same way.

    I wonder if just making the code inefficient counts?
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