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    If it goes further, then I think a letter to Scott McNealy, Andy Bechtolstein, Bill Joy, Eric Schmidt - who were
    all at Sun and instrumental in creating the SPARC strategy- should result in the lawyers going away.
    They would all be horrified to know about this.
  • Developer
    A little truth will go a long way..I hope they quit now...
  • Chris, if you know anyone at WIRED - I think these guys, and their lawyers deserve to be named in the press. ; )
  • Utterly ridiculous, should get dismissed in court in no time, I can't believe they are even trying to pull one like that. Desperate move from a dying entity.
  • Welcome to the big leagues. Everyone gets threatened for doing most anything nowadays, once big enough. Once ardupilot starts daily courier services across oceans, it'll get the same thing from no name startups.
  • SPARC is not even a word - it's an acronym and has a completely different meaning to the word spark.

    I have asked them to send me a list of their 'identical goods' and if they do a hoodie in a XXL 'cos SParkfun only do one in XXL - although it wouldn't be identical. I also asked if their hoodie had SparkFun or SPARC written on it. I also asked them if they had an ArduPilot in a colour other than red as I found the SparkFun red a bit aggressive ;-)
  • I've sent angry email too - probably they want to have the rights over word "spark" or later they will find similarities between SPARC and Diydrones. Sometimes human stupidity is endless...
  • I just saw this too - I've sent my email of disgust to AND the lawyer too (

    I think everyone who hangs-out here (especially if they've ever been a SparkFun customer) should send an email of complaint too. They are no more than BULLIES and should be stood-up to.
  • It seems the SPARC website has some nasties on it; "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!".
    Either that or someone is playing a little joke by flagging them as malware hosts.
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