Specter 360 CS UAV gimbal system

Hi All

I am glad to tell you that we have started with first air test of our small gimbal. This is under 600g, affordable, 2 axis control and stabilization system with 10x zoom great quality camera.

After analyzing global gimbal market we have decided to make a step forward and do a low cost, high-tech, reliable gimbal system all of us could use.

If this hits a good response we will put the system in production at the end of the summer.

We still have a lot of work to do. Stabilization is still not dead locked, integration with ardupilot, testing of different mechanical components, optical tests, endurance tests....

here is the link

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    Hello guys

    It has been a while since this project started. We totally changed our concept of SPECTER 360 and upgrade it to 3 axis system. Here is a link of some initial aerial tests. Results are getting better and better. Here on a video you see a printed version in a white color and no glass. Original version will have gray color and glass protection.

    Also for those who asked for a link to webpage, here is the link

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    YES! Any pogress on this?

  • Neat, very interestied - both with, or without camera. Please post an estimated price.

  • I think you guys should go for it.  Do the work, make your price and see where it goes.  It's a very good looking gimbal that will catch someone's eye.

  • Nice job :)

  • " - Camera $ 40 "


    Not the camera in this video or any other camera able to see a human from 500ft+ will be under $300.


    I have gone down this road and the only cheap option is a high quality FPV camera with a fixed focal length lens (50mm max) which just isn't good enough and still costs over $100.

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    @Mike, yes a continous servo and zoom camera will bump up the cost somewhat :/

    The KK board is aparently very programmable, there are many custom firmwares available, perhaps the fixed wing stabilise version can be used as a starting point.

    Either way, I believe there's a huge demand for a nice & cheap camera gimbal, hobby class. I'm sure many people here can put something together for less than $200. If they can take it to 3DR or HK etc, we'll all be very happy ;)

  • One can use also 1-turn servo that is still proportional so you control a position, not a speed as with modified servos. Example: GWS S125 1T. Or it's brother GWS S125-3T-D/2BB which has 3 turns. $15 doesn't hurt so much so it's still in DIY area.

    We have talented guys here. Maybe it's a good idea to join the efforts and create free open-source projects of some goodies? Take as an example guys who are now working to create their own CNC machine. After project is finished it could be open so everyone will be able to print some parts and DIY or just order it from your shop.

    Just a thought...

    GWS S125 1T Double Ball Bearing Sail Winch | GWS
    GWS S125 1T Double Ball Bearing Sail Winch from manufacturer GWS, in category Special Servos (Large Torque/Large Scale/Sale Winch/Retract ect.), Se…
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    @Hein - sure, but there are a few important nuances with the gear you've suggested

    That type of slip ring is often not used in this type of product because of noise and wear and size. Typically the designing engineer selects a smaller, higher wear slip ring product, and those normally start at about $100 and up. But point well taken, I have, myself, considered using the very same adafruit product, at least in my next prototype.

    The demonstrated technology includes a continuous rotation servo, so you will need to modify or select different servos. You might also have a problem with those servos in term of torque, resolution, and speed of rotation.

    The camera in the demonstrated technology includes a zoom camera, and the camera itself is most likely a higher quality than one you can get for $40. 

    I like your selection of the KK control board. I assume people have written their own code to these? It works well because it has the pwm outputs and inputs, is small, has demonstrated performing performing the translations required. It would really be perfect if it could piggyback on the GPS tx data from the aircraft, and that would allow it to perform "point here" operations.

    Certainly it could be done, with some of these ideas in mind. Many of us have our own designs, and some people are sharing, too. I like the Pan/Tilt design that Hooks not only put together, but also gave out the STL files so we can all build it. I'd like to see more of these published, and the more we see published, the more varieties and iterations that people here will create. I hope many of us will design and build (and share!) different gimbal systems. 

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    @Mike Good point, but one can use DIY compoents:

    - Slip ring $18 (

    - Camera $ 40

    - Servos $5 for 2 (

    - IMU $15 (

    Thats $78 for the expensive bits at retail prices, the rest is plastic & labour. I think it can be done!?

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