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3689658584?profile=originalGreat news from the SwiftNav team:

Swift and I are proud to announce our first official public release of ArduPilot integration for Piksi! This includes:

- A complete step-by-step integration guide available on our wiki

- An Swift Binary Protocol driver for ArduPilot, available in the forthcoming ArduCopter 3.3 (currently available in Beta, soon to be released: ).

- Version 23 of the Piksi Console, with support for communicating with ground station software.

- Mission Planner and MAVProxy support for ground station-based GPS corrections.

We are releasing this integration as a major milestone towards bringing centimeter-accurate flight to ArduPilot! But we need everyone's help! There is still significant work up ahead to better use Piksi on ArduPilot! Specifically, we're working to improve ArduPilot's control and estimation systems as to use Piksi more effectively. We're also building an analysis pipeline to help the community analyze the accuracy of their flight paths and debug potential problems with their setup.

To that end, we're issuing a Call for Logs! If you use Piksi on ArduPilot, please send us your DataFlash logs! You can do so by attaching it in a reply to this forum. These logs contains valuable Piksi behavior data, which will help us debug and improve ArduPilot and Piksi.

This announcement represents the culmination of a lot of effort from Swift, myself, and the open source community.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Tridgell, Randy Mackay, Michael Oborne and the entire community for their help and encouragement with this ongoing project.

We look forward to everyone's thoughts and feedback about the documentation and current experience with the integration!

Get started here! http://docs.swiftnav.com/wiki/Integrating_Piksi_with_the_Pixhawk_platform


-Niels and the SwiftNav team
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  • My own hands DIY open source Differential GPS Piksi RTK GPS, in the realization of all the basic conditions after setup and test, began to try with Pixhawk used in strict accordance with the Piksi official website wiki(http://docs.swiftnav.com/wiki/Integrating_Piksi_with_the_Pixhawk_pl...) settings, including the base station side Piksi end software settings Mission Planner and respect for Pixhawk set basic conditions also reached on the conditions described in wiki, but when RTK fixed, the MP view Pixhawk not called RTK GPS Data,I have carefully checked all connections and software settings to determine the conditions in line with the RTK fixed conditions, but view the MP status list, RTK GPS GPS2 position is not read。

  • I have the same issue using RFD900's. All settings are as described in the Wiki and all RFD900 settings are identical to the 3DR Radios. 

    I posted the question in the support form for piksi but have yet to get an answer. 

    We are looking for alternate options. the Piksi is not ready for the market yet IMHO.

  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/abiiqj5od11xz65/104.BIN?dl=0

    DataFlash Log link

    Dropbox - Error
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  • Hi Niels and the SwiftNav team,

    I have recently purchased a Piksi kit to integrate on a Pixhawk running MP V1.3.32, Piksi Console V0.24.2, Piksi firmware V0.20 STM & V0.15 NAP and APM Plane V3.3.0

    I have tried two methods, the first being GPS data injection in the exisiting telemetry link (RFD900 modems both ends, SIK1.9, no problems previously), but as soon as I press the 'connect' button I get a GCS failsafe occuring, and the telemetry link appears to be jammed (Ie, cant send any commands to the UAV). Everything was set up as per the wiki, GPS2 status remained at 1. I have attached a dataflash log below.

    I have also tried using a dedicated pair of 3DR radios, all set up as per the wiki. With this I was able to achieve an RTK lock, but GPS2 status remained at 1. Note that when in this configuration and I engage the simulator mode on the Piksi console, I instantly get GPS2 stat at 4 or 5, with the UAV flying around the university in the U.S.

    If anyone can provide and help or insight that would be great! I will keep this post going with more information as I perfrom more tests.



  • Hello everyone!
    I'm trying to use piksi with pixhawk.
    i've followed the piksi/pixhawk integration guide, but i can only get "3D dgps" and gpsstatus2 to "1". I assumed that the can be caused by an unclear view of the sky.

    A strange thing happen when i try to start UDP host.
    on the GPS inject window, I choose baud 115200, then "UDP Host" and "start".
    a popup windows appear, I choose 13320 port (that is the same port indicated on SBP Relay tab on piksi console) and then click "OK".

    as soon as i click "OK", the red light on vehicle piksi should start flashing red (to confirm that "observation" are received).
    Sometimes it starts to blink red, and sometimes not. i have to switch "connect" and "stop" many times to get red light.

    What could be the problem?
    soon i will try to get "3D RTK" lock placing the antennas on a better place.
    Thanks for any help.
  • Hello. We will proceed on tests very soon with Piksi and pixhawk. What kind of logs (auto mission / poshold) would be useful to contribute?
  • This looks amazing !!!!, a Rover with piksy can be a very usefull tool in the farm work, THANNK'S teamm !!!

  • This is a great advance.  I would think that the Piksi, combined with a uav taking photos and a ground rover taking topographical readings and a stationary ground station, would make a potent, yet more or less cost effective, surveying system.  The ground rover could be used to take cm accurate gps control points that would then be used with the photographs from the aerial platform.  Im just sort of talking this out...but to me it sounds amazing.

  • So is this ready or not? it ways "now supported by Pixhawk/APM" but then it says "there's still siginificant work ahead"...

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