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Assistant Professor of History and Archaeology, Saint Louis University St. Louis, MO

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Interested in aerial photography for archaeological survey and research


St louis

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Thomas Finan replied to Curt Zerr's discussion 3DR Pixhawk vs 3DR Pixhawk mini
"Hi all,

Getting ready for spring, and Im converting my APM 2.8 to a Pixhawk Mini.  Im a little baffled because I assumed (perhaps without reading any instructions!) that the connectors are different, and hence the GPS and power distributor…"
Mar 9, 2018
Thomas Finan commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post FAA Administrator Makes Two Major Drone Announcements
"so colleagues and I have been reading this and parsing this.

Im not sure how this makes things easier, as has been mentioned.  At first I thought this would really open some doors to practical on-campus research and experimentation, but now it…"
May 5, 2016
Thomas Finan commented on John C.'s blog post Sequoia In The Wild!
"What would be the minimum distance for the Sequia?  Could one use this almost as a standard sort of camera?

Also...does anyone know when they are actually shipping?  "
Mar 4, 2016
Thomas Finan posted a blog post
Thanks very much to this site and to 3DR for all of your technical know-how and insights over the years. From Archeology.orgDrones Help Find Medieval Irish SitesST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Thomas Finan, an archaeologist and history professor at Saint Louis…
Aug 19, 2015
Thomas Finan replied to Dan Walden's discussion Aeronautical Knowledge Test
"I agree with you.  I would like to find out some information in this regard as well.  It does seem rather strange that they havent made this information as available."
Aug 16, 2015
Thomas Finan replied to Skymata's discussion Permit to Fly Drone for Aerial Photography business
"I have had a look at the FAA website and have gone through the designations, but I still wonder whether research that is not related to the actual engineering of the UAV warrants a business type 333 exception?  In other words, to fly a UAV to do…"
Aug 16, 2015
Thomas Finan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post SwiftNav Piksi RTK (high accuracy) GPS now supported by Pixhawk/APM
"This is a great advance.  I would think that the Piksi, combined with a uav taking photos and a ground rover taking topographical readings and a stationary ground station, would make a potent, yet more or less cost effective, surveying system.  The…"
Jul 14, 2015
Thomas Finan commented on Alexander Mora's blog post New to drone photography - A must see Infographic
"OK, so I am an archaeologist.  I take a set of aerial photographs of an archaeological site on private land, with owner permission.  Stay well under 400 feet, maintain line of site, etc.  Quad does a lawn mower sort of thing over a field 100m…"
Jun 8, 2015
Thomas Finan commented on Alexander Mora's blog post New to drone photography - A must see Infographic
"One area that seems to fall through the cracks (and please someone correct me if my interpretation is not correct) would be an individual who is conducting aerial survey as part of his or her own academic research, say, an archaeologist.  Would that…"
Jun 7, 2015
Thomas Finan replied to Thomas Finan's discussion FAA Proposal and "Training"
"Right...I suppose that answers my question in that there does not seem to be anything that is already prepared, ready, or perhaps even in the works for people to consider.

Mar 2, 2015
Thomas Finan posted a discussion
Friends in UAV development,Im a little curious about a component of the new FAA proposal for UAV in the US airspace.One of the parts of the proposal states that individuals who undertake this kind of work might need some sort of "basic aeronautical…
Feb 26, 2015
Thomas Finan posted a discussion
I was wondering if anyone has experience with the XNiteCanon near infrared camera, or any other of their infra-red cameras?Thanks very much.
May 3, 2013
Thomas Finan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post WiFi Xbees announced!
"Im curious as to whether anyone has worked on this, or if it has been covered in another post that i havent found.

Im more curious about wifi with ardupilot, primarily in order to create a "diy" Ys-x6. The idea of a "follow-me" feature is of…"
Nov 29, 2012
Thomas Finan replied to Charles Winter's discussion Powering the Ardupilot Board
"Thanks to all for these replies...i have posted in a couple other discussions these general questions.

I too would like to see a very general wiring diagram (perhaps im more of a visual learner!). In theory i think im starting to grasp what is…"
May 16, 2012
Thomas Finan replied to Thomas Finan's discussion Power connections on AP2
"for that matter...a simply wiring diagram would be helpful."
May 15, 2012
Thomas Finan posted a discussion
Hi,I posted in another area but perhaps this is where it should really go...I have an Arduplane2 with an easystar to get started with this...Im just wondering how people are typically connecting their AP2 to their radio, their batteries, and their…
May 15, 2012