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  • Double the amount, you forgot batteries. Such setup will not fly with a single 5000s/4/6s. Actual Ferdinand setup (97 minutes) contains batteries costing same as the rest of hardware (less electronics).

    Anyway, is an futile exercise, simulation shows the results will be disappointing. 

    With 4x8s 5000mAh, weighting 4.5kg packs alone, and total 10kg AUW such setup will not be even able to take-off.

    With 4x12s 5000mAh, weighting 6.6kg packs alone, total 12kg AUW will fly under half hour. And have capabilities for 4kg payload, which is lame, 6kg beer box was lifted with much less setup.

  • Thanks for that great thread Andy, it will be very interesting to see wha he gets out of those Tmotors.

    8 of those motors at $280.00 = $2240.00 and 4 pairs of props at $390.00 a pair = 1560.00 = $3800.00 just for the motors and props, I can't even afford to build a quad with them - like to though.

    Might try the HobbyKing or RCTimer ones, but does anybody other than Tmotor make props that actually fit them?

  • If you would like to see the results, Ferdinand (who built a quad that flies 97 minutes of a charge) is now going for an endurance record with these motors and the giant T-Motor props.  He is building an X8 and has a vast knowledge in optimizing efficiency.  I can't wait. :)

  • Props appear to be $320.00 to $390.00 a pair as well, although all are out of stock at Helidirect.

    From 750 to 940 watts for the motors, look really nicely made (more like bicycle brushless).

    With those 29" T-Motor CF props it would certainly make a very impressive looking if expensive QuadCopter.

  • They claim these to be used as replacements on the md1000. Has anyone actually bench marked the props and motors? I really get very irritated when i see bench mark tests which do not reflect reality. 

  • Resurrecting this old thread because I didn't see it anywhere else, but the 8108s are officially out and the only price I've seen for them was $279 a piece.  Information from Tiger's website.

  • Actually that could be right, might have missed a few decimal points.

    1800watts and 20KG of thrust now that would be significant and about right for a 28" propeller.

    Could probably fly an ultralight with one or two of them.

  • Good catch, Gary.

    I only noted the price, as that was my major question when I first saw these. They have got to handle more than 180 watts, look at all that copper!

  • Gary,

    I personally absolutelly agree with your opinion, but I only have the data I got by email from the sales team - I'm not sure if they missed a decimal and it is supposed to be 90A (@20V = 1800W). Also if I take the prop size they propose in account, I believe it will be hard to pull a 28" with only 9A to create sufficient thrust to lift anything, except maybe a 'copter made out of aerogel. 


    Alternativlely, they might have developed a super-efficient motor, which might create also a worm hole.


    I might have to take a little risk, but I think I buy one (thrust-in-god).


  • Hi Tobias,

    That thrust and power consumption seems extremely light for that size of motor.

    Their 4014 is 750 watts and can manage 3.2KG of thrust and is tiny in comparison to this motor.

    I would expect something more like 1500-3000 watts and 10KG+ of thrust from something this size.

    At 2 KG thrust it seems like it would barely be able to lift itself.

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