Tried just for fun to start and land with my Wingcopter in the forest :)
Here is the onboard video:

To see the whole VTOL here one picture:


It is the first Wingcopter of our serial production. The tilt arms are redesigned and more stable than at the earlier version. On our website there are some more pictures of the new one:



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  • The sky is the limit...think you conquered that

  • not just yet

  • 100KM

    Are the modifications you made to the code published somewhere, as is required by the open source license ?

  • The rate controls for the quadrocopter are almost the same, even in the plane mode. There the flaps are working together with the motor controls. We just programmed them dependent on the tilt angle.
    It should be possible to update our code to the newest arducopter version. But there are own changes at some parts, also in the libraries, that first has to be done. And at the moment I don't see any reasons to do so. Arducopter 2.9.1 runs well :)

    many billions ;) No, our Wingcopters we build were not so expensive. Our first one, three years ago, was even very cheep. We just used wood, styrofoam, some motors, two sailwinches and the first APM1.0. Here are two photos of our first prototype. Our second prototype was little more costly, but like the current version not many billions. We are just students and have not much money...

  • Very nice. I think I have found my next flyer...

    Is the code standard (as in can it be updated when arducopter gets updated) or have proprietary changes been done?
  • Great job Jonathan! It's nice to see something being put into a kit for others to buy. 

    Have any inspiration from the guys in the video's below?

    Couple others:

  • @Jonathan

    Did you guys spend billions on development like the US military on the Osprey ?

  • @Jared goto the shop, its available in kit and rtf.

  • 100KM

    Impressive indeed!  It already looks very refined based on the flight and transitions.  Are the fixed wing controls always active?

  • Moderator


    Very impressive! Arducopter code really was the only choice. It was more of an ice breaker comment :D I am particularly impressed with how well it transitions from vertical to horizontal flight. I look forward to seeing how it develops with time.



    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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