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This is my official blog for the progress on the techpod 2.0 . I have posted some design pictures here . this is the first try at a frame for it .clearance between camera and dome look great no problem getting 180 deg of travel on both axis . the only problem is the servo proves be to wobbly by itself so I'm going to whip up a solution . I have the new design just gotta go cut it out in the CNC . will post the results . you can learn more about the techpod and purchase the 1.0 version at evuas.com .
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    here is what the pan and tilt looks like in action .
  • Please don't be fooled by continuous servos, its very very easy to modify a standard servo for continuous rotation! don't pay crooks to ridicule you!

    also, nice pan tilt thing u got going on! i'm working on one too, making it able to point at any GPS location you give it. in fact i've done more code than i have hardware :D

    love the techpod!
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    front revamped to include "swash plate" and stabilizers to keep the whole thing stable .
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    @ james
    working on that now . will post when I'm done . check back later
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    problem is 360 degree servos like you show don't have any positioning the stick only controls the speed of the rotation, not the position .
  • What kind of vibration do you see with the thin member that connects the camera to the body? Have you thought about turning that into a torque box or using stringers to reinforce it?
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    How about this 360 servor from LowpriceRC

    360 servor
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    @ ken
    sony fcb-ex11d , servos = hitec hs-5055mg . dome is 4 inch acrylic .360 would be nice but aside from custom actuators there is really not any choice . sure you can mechanically get 360 from these servos but you will also half you resolution . resolution is very important due to high zoom .
  • Can you give us some specs? Camera, servo (360deg or?) Source for dome and its size?
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