The Best Place to Fly

I present the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine CA.

I've been flying for about 7 years now and I think this has got to be my favorite place yet.

There are all kinds of cool rock formations to zoom around most of which can easily be climbed in case you need to retrieve a downed copter.

The color of the sand and rocks are more or less a middle grey which the gopro's auto exposure handles really well.

The color also makes finding a downed copter very easy.

There are no hard to see branches or power lines.

There's lots of detailed terrain to make fpv navigation easier.

Most mornings are a dead calm until about 8 or 9 am from  what I hear.

It's so quiet there that even if you get lost fpv flying you can echo-locate your way back home.  (I had to do that more than once)

Most of the time there is not another soul for miles.

And the park ranger I met was actually stoked that I was flying there!

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  • Hole in the rock - awesome flying. how many crashes before this -

  • wow that is some awseome flying!!! thanks for posting
  • What a view!! awesome! 
    By the way nice piloting skills!

  • Developer

    Great video! Would love to hear more about your setup.

  • If this is gimballed, how did you stop the aerodynamic flutter?
  • Fantastic video! Love it!

  • That is quality fpv. How'd you get it so stable?

  • Wow! That was a great video.

    Can you share some more details about your copter?

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