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  • not quite as old school as a C64 - but I am thinking one of these fit-pc's might be worth looking at so I have ordered one to try, it uses less than 20 watts @12v so running in the field will be an option. I just  need a ultra low power 15-20 inch screen to go with it.

    link -


  • Here's a trip down memory lane.

    System 80 (aka Genie / TRS80) with extra 32K ram chips piggy backed, and a Z80A upgrade from the Z80 --> Amstrad 6128 --> IBM XT (orig) --> 80286 (NEAT chipset) etc..

    With some hardcore Z80, I recon the Amstrad would run the ground station (forget the google maps though).


  • If you code everything in assembler, it just might be faster than the QT and Java based ground stations!
  • I still have my original C64 (the actual one I learnt to code and read on). The days of copying games with reel to reel are gone :D I'd love to store a app on a tape again that would be well fun.
  • HA, Leisure Suit Larry. That brings back some memories. Don't remember which system I played that on.
    I'd have to agree that a net book is a better ground station but the C64 is still cool.

  • TRS80, Atari ST I modded with another stack of 512k memory chips for 1 meg total so I could have a ram disk to make my Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry load faster.... Then a Intel DX33 that I swapped in a 36Mhz crystal so I had bragging rights with my brother in law about who's machine could load Lynx Golf screens faster.  :-D


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    Hi Ritchie yes is true but to have a old C64 case with inside a good cpu with advanced 3d board is more Geek ;)

    You can connect a FPV eyewear.

    Best Roberto

  • This is WAY off topic about the new mini-ITX C64 as a ground station :D

    About 5 years ago mini-ITX had about 4 people doing C64 shelled PCs so I don't think it will sell much and its not up to the job if I'm honest. I think a GCS needs some sort of screen let alone more FPU performance than the Atom has. The C64 versions on mini-ITX used 775 board which is much more appropriate (if more expensive).

    A netbook is a far better choice in my opinion but if you are going to be higher volume stuff and think a proper system is needed then why use a rubbush mini-ITX board. Get a proper one and custom box it. You could have 2 screens, tripod, antenna and anything else you wanted with the processing head room for anything else.

  • I must be ancient.

    IMSAI 8080 kit -> Digital Group kit Z80, "Cadillac of computers in 1976"  -> Micropolis 7.5" Floppy ($900)  16k Commodore Pet - MicroProfessor Z80- Sinclair something - VIC20 - C64 -> Intel Boxes. 

  • -C64 -> Amiga 500 -> 286 – 486 -> ….
    I thought that I taught my self to program on a C64. When I got to collage my instructor did not agree. What is wrong with self modifying assembly code?

    I remember the first assignment in that class. I turned in the project.
    Instructor ran my code
    Instructor : “it crashed”
    Me : “no it didn’t. It ran”
    Instructor : “Couldn’t have it was too fast”
    Me : “check the output”
    Instructor : “How did you get this? You cheated”
    Me : “Give it different input data. It’s just fast”
    Instructor feed it different data set, and then checked the source code. :”This can’t work. How did you do that?”
    Me: “I’m not cheeting!”
    Instructor : “If you can explain to me how it works I will give you an A. if you every right code like this again you will fail the class”

    I got and A, but he was right. I would hate to have to maintain code like that.
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