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  • Hello all. I haven't commented much but this one I would like to put in my two cents worth. My wife is Chinese and I've lived in China for a short time. It is odd to have people pull their car over just to look at you. Back to the subject. The perception that American or Western made products are better prevails in China. If you have a product that is similar to the Chinese product and only a little bit more in price, the Western product will almost always sell first. But, you are also right, money is king and rules our daily live both at work and at play. If the Chinese manufacturer can cut the cost in half and keep the quality up a little, he will prevail. Side note to bolster the comment about the Western products thought well of, I gave some wind chimes to my sister in laws neighbors that were made in China but for the American market, even though she new they were made in China but for an American company, you'd thought I had given her a pound of gold she was so taken by the quality. I have to smile every time I think about that one.
  • lol wut
  • i am a Chinese,things look and not simple.
  • I love all the little christmas spikes :P
  • At the risk of this trending into "politics"...

    I suggest the above GoogyTrend is another manifestation of the Chinese penchant for paying the US to buy chinese goods. If - the Chinese bought fewer US Bonds (by which the manipulate their currency downward), then the price discounts might not exceed the shipping costs, and products made in Local Markets would be more competitive - as long however, as the Chinese are willing to pay the US to buy it's goods, these trends will continue. (Same for textiles and furniture)
  • The key there is the limited amount of time you can be on welfare. However, that is not a sustainable model. Their unemployment is 4.1%. If the article is not twisting words and this is their true unemployment rate, this will lead to inflation, increased cost and eventually failure of the system. Systems like that only work for so long.
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    That happens in other places too. A place I know has people (in some places) that vote for one month's payout too. :(. Literacy is the magic key but hunger beats it always.It is a universal evil.
  • Yep lew, we spend way too much effort trying to help those who won't help themselves. There's no reason to get an education when you can have 8 kids and live comfortably off the welfare money they bring. Not to mention subsidies are always a bad move economically, but the populous isn't educated enough to know that, so they vote for the person who gives them this "free" money (coming out of the educated people's pockets).
  • One only need look at the state of education in the USA (compared to China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, etc) and it becomes obvious why our "era of innovation" is in a decline. In addition, there are so many illiterate people in this country... some with a college degree... that it's shameful. We'd rather exist off government subsidies, and do as little as possible, rather than educate ourselves in order to get ahead. In other countries, if you can't cut the grade (i.e., don't take studying seriously) you have a difficult time subsisting (i.e., no subsidies or handouts).
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