The Twelve Drones of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me...


1. Quadcopter Q4 Nano

Probably the smallest you can buy ready to fly with flight times around 5 mins. Has 3 flight sensitivity settings: low, medium and high for doing aerial and side flips. Recommend flying in the dark as the bright LEDs light up the room like a Christmas Tree!


2. Hubsan X4 HD

A great low cost robust little starter drone quadcopter with HD 2MP Camera
Hubsan X4 HD

3. Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

Affordable unit, providing out of the box basic first person view (FPV) starter drone where you can see what your drone sees using the all-in-one controller

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

4. Blade 180 QX HD ready to fly (RTF)

Recommended by Award-Winning Aerial Photographer as a low cost starter drone for Aerial photography the Blade 180 QX HD RTF - a great drone to fly!

Blade 180 QX HD ready to fly (RTF)

5. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite

Control using your smartphone or tablet, full feature set including required software a great safe way to step up to the next level. Company Parrot offers a range of next generation drones targeting the general consumer market.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite

6. Quanum Nova

re-branded by Hobby King originally CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder by Cheerson
A fantastic drone quadcopter providing basic to advanced features and outperforms any drone for the price. Note will require some detailed expert knowledge to use advanced features

 Quanum Nova

7. walkera QR X350 PRO

The Walkera QR X350 PRO with DEVO F7 FPV Quadcopter offers complete out of the box solution without having to buy separate parts and generally costs less than most DJI drones offering similar product features.

walkera QR X350 PRO

8. dji phantom vision 2 plus

The ultimate all-in-one consumer drone with advanced software, easy to fly and comes with a price tag to match

dji phantom vision 2 plus

9. 3DR IRIS+

The Iris+ personal drone by 3D Robotics is all you need to start seeing and sharing your world from above.There is no better platform on the market to fulfill real drone applications for consumer and professional


10. X8+ Drone 3DR's Power House

3DR's X8+ drone, a powerful aerial workhorse built with quality components, modular design with payload capacity and autonomous delivery capabilities at an affordable price.

X8+ Drone 3DR's Power House Octocopter

11. walkera Scout X4 Drone

Scout X4 drone quadcopter by walkera packed with features including changing from quadcopter 4 motors to octocopter 8 motors, real time telemetry and flight times up to 25 mins

walkera Scout X4 Drone

12.dji inspire 1

DJI’s latest advanced drone, carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, 360 degress view, 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos, full-featured App, optional Dual-Operator Control, and Vision Positioning technology.

dji inspire 1

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  • Hey everyone! I'm back... :)

    So, looking at some black friday drone deals online, but I'm wondering if there's another sources with cheaper drones. If there are great deals and all! But I don't want to burn a hole in my pocket for a white elephant gift... If anyone has a source, please let me know!!!!! THANKS! :) 

    Happy dronin' :) 

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  • Helpful link:



  • 100KM

    @Theo: No doubt, the 200QX is a cool quad. You are comparing two completely different machines. The Bebop is a flying camera including highly developped picture stabilisation, FPV and GPS features. To me a real drone. The 200QX is an aerobatic quad, rather comparable to a 3D heli. I cannot understand your angry words about parrot. I have never had any problems with ar.drones, to my experience they perform just great. Your anger might root in envy over the best-selling drone on the planet. And the Bebop is redefining the standard once more.

  • Great info and now have the 200QX on my wish list for Christmas!

  • I love my little 200QX, I look at it as the ideal second quadcopter after a nice Hubsan or UDI 818A to initially learn with.

    The 200QX is a tiny. rock stable, precision control and very high performance all brushless quadcopter.

    It can let you become an expert multicopter flyer, probably faster than any other copter.

    With a little work you can stick a Mobius camera on it and use it for video in places you'd never put a bigger copter. A Mobius is much better than the camera available for it from blade and about the same cost and weight.

    Or you can put one of Horizons tiny little FPV camera transmitters in it and use it for indoor and tight quarters high performance FPV:

    Could probably make a whole new sport out of it - the table lamp slalom challenge perhaps.

    There are even great 3rd party carbon frames made for it that let you turn it into a very serious little FPV copter.

    Also, the BeBop is super cool (in spite of some apparent teething problems and mixed reviews).

    I just didn't mention it because of it's very limited availability, France only at the moment I believe.

    It is possibly the first commercially available quadcopter designed for serious(ish) video work that is actually safe to fly due to its small size, light weight, foam construction and (optionally installed prop protectors).

  • You are not kidding re. 200QX flying inverted!



  • The bebop drone does look impressive with the Skycontroller and a claim to pilot up to 2km. I think they are still on pre-order only and have never flown one but the video looks awesome. 

  • 100KM

    You forgot the currently by far highest developped consumer drone:


    Cheers, Reto

  • Thanks Gary - good call on the Blade 200QX yes absolutely, was thinking along the lines of learning how to fly, recreation, photography and advanced flying.

    All the best and happy holidays!



  • And a Phantom in a Pear tree.

    Great List,

    I'd add in the Blade 200QX somewhere, it already has it's own cult and retrofit subculture.

    Putting in the first 4 as practical starter quadcopters was a really good idea.

    Easy to fly and hard to break and give a beginner a positive experience.

    Best Regards,


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