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    That was quite nice!

  • Can you share your setup?  I am just getting into FPV, and would love to know what you used.  

    Amazing video BTW, looks like a crane shot used in film.  

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    Very neat video!  Thanks for sharing.

  • Great vid! Thanks for sharing.

  • I liked when you were skimming the waves Awesome flight 1 Have a great Day!

  • You should share more often Robert. That was awesome! Info the setup appreciated not that that knowledge will help me do anything close to that.

  • Awesome flight!! :)

  • If that was a Conrad 450, it must have taken a lot of post production.  Now photograph Esprit Marina del Rey.

  • if you can store it in a dry environment then you probably are fine.. since the exposure to the elements would be limited to your flight times.  But good question though.. motor wires are coated.. but the outer housing/bell of the motor could rust maybe... seems like most things are coated to prevent that sort of reaction to the elements.

    wow.. never heard of Micronesia (sorry).. nice little geography lesson for me.  Yeah I could see how you might have some harsh conditions.

  • Awesome video!

    Anyone have any issues with flying near salt water and rust? I live in an extremely corrosive environment near Micronesia and am wondering what is going to rust first on a 3dr arducopter? Suggestions on sealing stuff up?


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