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  • MR60

    Oh so this is basically using three radio transmitters in one. Cool.

  • Thanks.

    I used channel 1-5 for copter one, 6-10 for copter two and channel 11-15 for copter three. When I control copter three for example, then copter one and two get a neutral stick position. The rest is done by flight phases.

  • Developer

    yeah, that's really cool.  Never seen that before!

  • Oh, Awesome.
  • T3

    You could do something similar to what Daemon did on RCG groups using a Taranis, although you're basically maxed out at 2 quad unless you get really fancy with your programming.

  • rc band switch & reconnect?

  • It was great^3, how did you do that ?

  • Very nice. Your work is very relevant for the control of multiple drones at the same time from a single base station.

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