Throttle Arming Documentation added for ArduPlane



I just posted documentation for the software throttle arming safety feature introduced in ArduPlane 2.77.

It's here:

I'd appreciate any feedback, negative or positive -- though if it's negative it helps if it is both polite and constructive. :) 



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  • @Hein: I have updated the wiki page with better documentation for both RC calibration and ARMING_REQUIRE.  It is quite possible that throttle ups occur during radio calibration, even with these safeties.  I have tried to make that clear.

    Side note: I will be patching MAVProxy to minimize this risk, but it is impossible to completely remove it.  I will double check to see if a similar risk exists in Mission Planner.

  • @Muhammad: Good catch on the typo.  Fixed now.

    @Hein: This is a very good question.  I've tested on a PX4 and find that my throttle still is operational sometimes during RC calibration (even when it's supposed to be disabled by both hardware and software).  I am looking into it.

  • 100KM
    Thanks Michael. Something that's unclear about this feature is if I can use it to calibrate the radio without disconnecting the motor. Can this be included?
  • Developer

    Thanks Michael, great wiki page!

  • Hi Michael,

    Great that you got this in for APM:Plane.

    I added a Table of Contents link to the top of your page but saw that you got it listed in both the Instructions drop down and the TOC menu.

    And your format was really good, also consistent with all the other pages, H3 headers, line section separators and even the internal [toc] menu and the feedback link at the end.

    Please feel free to edit or insert whatever you feel is worthwhile into the wiki any time, great job.

    We already had a big todo over in Copter about Safety disengaged or armed engaged relating to the PX4 / Pixhawk ((Safety Switch button)) - (Arming Switch button) - Safety switch won - - big deal.

    I personally think it is much ado about nothing, basically, whatever works.

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks for the docs Michael!

    Should "essentially" be "essential" under RC Transmitter Calibration? 

    The term "arm" has been used for ESCs since the brushed days

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    When I worked in Aerospace we had "arming" switches for our range finding laser to prevent accidental firing when testing in the lab. The "arming" switch allowed the operator to fire the laser for range finding when pressing the "fire" switch. The range finding laser was hardly a 'weapon".


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Arm: To prepare (a weapon) for use or operation, as by releasing a safety device.

    I think the term "to arm" in general relates to the preparation of warfare in some way. Perhaps not the best term for non-military drones? ;-)  Maybe "throttle set" or "throttle engaged" or something to that effect.

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