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  • According to the website they're looking at having a max payload of 250lbs and a flight duration of 2 minutes. :)


  • The Stig is testing Multirotors now!

  • Cracking toast Gromit.

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    Wallace finally gets into unmanned aviation

  • I love the mad professors,without them we`d probably still walking around instead of flying,driving etc.

  • According to his website that's a turbojet in the center, not a turboshaft driving a genset.  The (battery powered?) propellors are for attitude control only.  This is a subscale prototype, the real thing is supposed carry a pilot, use six turbojets for attitude control, and a large central one for lift.  Sounds like it will be a scary ride.

  • 100KM

    Love the testing location also. Interesting given the other quite complex safety precautions (tether on a gimbal looking thing) and all. I am guessing they walked straight out the front of the office and decided to test there to make it easy.

  • Awesome. Yes, there is so much that's wrong about this situation but, for once, let's ignore the obvious safety issues and celebrate the brilliance of amateur development. Even if the gas turbine is 50% efficient and the  genset is 75% efficient, he is still gaining 10 times the energy density/mass using fuel instead of LiPos. That's 10 times the flight time, so 15 minutes becomes two and a half hours. Brilliant!

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