UAV Fuse Vacuum Bagging

Here is the start of my fuse building, vacuum bagging the fuse in two halves and will add joiners and bulkheads to finish the fuse.


The fuse is a composite layup with fiberglass 90 gram crossweave internal layer then a filler layer material (I forget the name of it) which acts like a filler to provide stiffness while not adding too much weight. It's sort of like having a layer of honeycomb. Then an outer layer of 100 gram straight weave carbon fibre. This is all held together with a marine 5+1 epoxy resin that takes about 6-9 hours to go off. 


I have gone out on a limb and tried to pull a vacuum down onto a raw wooden plug that I have covered with a layer of cling film and then a layer of peel ply. Hopefully this will be removable in one piece without total destruction.
The other thing I am trying for the first time is using standard (cheap) acrylic sealant as a bag sealant. This has worked extremely easily, so far, and was a excellent way of sealing the plastic bag to the board. Hopefully it will clean off the board easily once the time is up and I remove the part from the mold.

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  • i've added pics on my other blog title

  • sorry guys I didnt relise that I had to come and approve any coments, so i will answer these questions now.

    it turned out ok, the sealant worked great, just squirt it out and push down the bag and you have an instant seal, you dont even have to wait for it to set, in fact if you find a leak you just squirt some more into the hole and its sealed. making pleats in the bag is also accomplished the same way.


    Arashi, i will add some pics shortly, but what detail in particular are you after?



  • I'd love to see some details images of the setup.  I've been wanting to try this for years.

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    Well, how'd it go?  Looks like the seal held.

  • Hi.

    Looks an interesting way to vac bag. How did it turn out, and photo of the layup.?


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