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  • Hi Jim,

    Nice work there... Could you please explain how have you routed your parachute strings from the anchoring point? I get the idea from the picture... could you please post some actual pics?

  • Hey Luca,

    The above link is not working. Could you please check.

  • Adding a parachute recovery system to an existing airframe is not a simple task, there are many variables to deal on but can be done,

    Take a look here

  • Hobby rockets use ballistic chutes also ultra lites do. It would be easy to put something like this on any airframe. It may need to be a little bigger depending on weight of aircraft.

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  • Looks would be perfect as a fail safe.Looking to find out more.



  • Absolutely amazing! 

    I agree with estebanflyer, how did you get it to shoot open?

  • that's just awesome... does it get open up by running airflow or did you use some kind of rocket? doesn't look like it, but i ask anyways. I would love to have one for my quad..

  • Thanks Jim. Looking good.

  • later put more information videos and photos,

    skywalker weight: 2500 gr
    autopilot: APM 1
    Camera 10 x zoom
    antennas: large 2.4 GHz 18db (video), 900 mhz small 9db (telemetry)
    parachute: 140 cm diameter, home construction, for my. weight of the entireparachute system 200 gr

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