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  • Beautiful video !

  • Jason Jarvis, that's NOT a Zephyr :) Just look at the size of it ... it's about 90" wingspan.

  • Moderator
    Crazy s h i t... But i love every secound.
  • @john moore, the video says Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

  • Wow great video and that valley is beautiful, where is it?

  • Nice video of giant flying squirrels!

  • Congratulations to the entire team. Truly amazing video. 

  • thanks guys!

    Dany, they actually had to carry my plane up - swiss noise regulations forbid that twin-propped plane from going full throttle :)

  • Distributor

    If only you could lift these guys to their base jump location... :) 

    This is the bad part... going back up there! haha! 

    Great production again Trappy. 

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