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Daniel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Senator Feinstein: "It should be a crime for a private individual to arm a drone."
"It should be a crime for a private individual to arm anything. Himself included."
Jan 16, 2014
Daniel commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Laser range finder teardown
Jan 6, 2014
Daniel commented on Phil P's blog post New drone and Ground Control Station Trailer build
"I'm usually flying just on an open field near my work, but happy to catch up for a cuppa or something along those lines. Drop me a PM and I'll give you a call."
Dec 6, 2012
Daniel commented on Randy's blog post Steps toward ESC feedback using SimonK
"Marooned, just add a learning mode (record your baseline (while you are sure you still have all the props)) and then compare. And I was refering to this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9028?"
Sep 27, 2012
Daniel commented on Randy's blog post Steps toward ESC feedback using SimonK
"Wouldn't it be possible to compare the overall apms (as detected by attopilot sensor) to an "normal" amp use for a given rpm setting (for all motors) to detect a missing prop ?

I know, still doesnt tell you which one is missing, but at least you…"
Sep 27, 2012
Daniel replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion XBee airborne side antenna, how to replace?
"Quarter wave for the frequency's used by the 900 xBee is between 80mm and 83mm. (902 MHz-928MHz)"
Sep 8, 2012
Daniel commented on narwhal's blog post Foreign Correspondent (ABC Documentary)
"I might have found it on the internet: http://www.slingfile.com/file/ZENvhyDwR0"
Sep 5, 2012
Daniel commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post New 5.8 Ghz wireless video system 1200mW Long Range
"Data in ? (in the picture)"
Sep 1, 2012
Daniel posted a discussion
Why are my motors doing this weird power loss when running at approx. 75% throttle ? Thrust and amps go up nicely till about 75%, then suddenly I loose a lot of thrust and the amps actually go down. Please see attached video for a better…
Aug 4, 2012
Daniel posted a discussion
I have a ArduPilot Mega 1 (red, with oilpan "shield") that after the latest firmware update (Arducopter 2.6) doesn't seem to communicate via Mavlink anymore.Symptoms so far:- Firmware upload works.- Console mode in MP works fine. Passes all tests.-…
Jun 19, 2012
Daniel replied to Jake Sorensen's discussion Help for a complete noobie
"Practice in a simulator software like Aerofly. Put some serious hours into it even before spending any money. And I disagree with Bim, you will crash your drone in the learning curve."
May 5, 2012
Daniel commented on trappy's blog post UAVs and Wingsuit Basejumpers
"@john moore, the video says Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland"
Apr 13, 2012
Daniel commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post Aircraft saved by MinimOSD
"RTL would have probably worked too."
Mar 11, 2012