UgCS 2.0 public Beta is out!



I wanted to let you know what UgCS 2.0 Beta is now available for download at our site !

UgCS 2.0 now supports Ardupilot, Mikrokopter, Microdrones, ARDrone and DJI (Naza-m, wookong-m, A2) autopilots.

As shown in our teaser, UgCS 2.0 has now real 3D globe map engine and capability to search for locations for quick navigation.


Please feel free to download it and see the beauty with your own eyes :)

As always your feedback is greatly appreciated, as together we can build really one of the kind ground control software!

Thank you!

UgCS Team

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  • This looks great, I'm really excited to try out version 2.0!  Thanks!

  • Here is comparison of UgCS versions:

    UgCS Open is free. Most of hobby users like to see their drone flying anyway and it is not legal to fly them beyond line of sight. Most of it's limitations is from safety perspective. Rest of disabled features are ones what ease professional  applications of drones, thus for making money. And it is just fair what we get our share to continue development and improvement of UgCS.

    UgCS One will not have range limitation and is reasonably priced at 65$ to be a great upgrade to default mission planning software for most of the users if they find Open not delivering to their needs.

    Pro comes handy for commercial and professional applications. Where multiple operators work together on same mission with multiple drones of different kind. Or one needs import of map overlays and other custom 3D data. Set-up system on several computers to ensure reliability and mission command. It includes improved support level as well. It is for those who fly drones for their work.

    For Education & UAV Training organizations we provide Pro licenses for free, thus socially beneficial projects can benefit from full range of functionality of our software without cost.

  • Good point leolo. Can we get some clarification as to how this is going to be priced and how the licensing works. I am open to paying something but not in the ballpark of $1000. The price would need to be low for people like me - I am a glorified hobbyist. Please do clarify the licensing and what you get with a Pro version. 

  • So, whats the deal? A free restricted version to get feedback from the community to develop your software. Then sell the full version for $2000. Hmmmm...interesting.

    Just revisited your site before submitting... great deal, now we can buy the Pro version with a 50%discount, that is $1000. Let me see... got no spare in my pockets. Maybe some other day.

  • I will try planning some missions and taking some flights with this and get you direct feedback. I like what I have seen thus far.

  • Just to let you all know, we greatly value feedback from DIYDrones community and prioritize our roadmap accordingly. If you have done some flights with our software please send your toughts to us at! It is best chance to have the functionality you like in next build of UgCS.
  • Chris, there are no small hills in UgCS due to the SRTM dataset that we use by default. The resolution of that data source is not enough to show very small elevation changes. But support for commercial highly accurate DSM/DTM data will be available soon in our product. Also we will return support for custom 3D objects.

    Marc, spline support is on top of our worklist and will be available till the end of the year.

    James, technically you can plan missions for planes but not all tools and modes usefull for fixedwing operators are supported yet. Fixedwing support is also a high priority for us.
  • It should be ok with Ardu based planes as well. We just have not finished field tests to the extent where all functionality is tested and finetuned for partivcular fixed wing and autopilot.
  • Just wanted to confirm that this only supports copters right now (if not I apologize for misreading the documentation).

  • I do real estate videography for a successful realtor (who happens to be my wife). A lack of 3D perspective can result in missions that find the tallest tree in the county. I just checked out UgCS and the 3D perspective seemed better than Mission Planner - where it is totally lacking. But I see no support in UgCS for spline waypoints among other things. Also I may just be very stupid but I have never figured out how to plug a street address into Mission Planner whereas UgCS was very intuitive in this respect. This looks promising. But we need spline waypoints.

    Below is a gratuitous un-topical recent video of one of my quads 'landing' in mid-mission perfectly on a 100 foot tree (I got it back).

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