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  • Dam Hai! Another thing I have to save up for! Would be perfect for my handheld gimbal:)

  •  500 meter range,  $300 less and not compatible with the other one, only good for multi's. Who cares if film industry uses it. We dont watch movies in real time.

  • Im in love. The mini is a cool product too :-)
  • $1300 minus camera and display device and you only get 500 meters out of it?  Seems kinda spendy.

  • Developer

    Remember that the quoted "1m" latency in Connex systems are for transmission only.

    To get the real "glass-to-glass" latency you have to add camera (typically ~50ms) and monitor latency (0-16ms at 60hz).

    Still very, very good. But not zero.. :)

  • I hope it has better range than the 5 meters adverticed on their webpage.

  • Moderator

    The Connex Mini is the forth generation of HD video links that I used from Amimon.  Many in the film industry have probably used or heard of the Paralinx Tomahawk which used Amimon's chips and also claims "1ms zero latency".

    Whilst I haven't conducted any scientific tests, in real world use, I have not been able to notice any latency.  If I get some time, I think I might install this on my Vortex 285!

  • its pretty good. although 1ms is probably bullshit, its longer than the time the signal physically takes to propagate at max distance. now add the encoder, decoder, hdmi, sensor, etc. latency.. yeah.

  • Hi Hai!

    Looks good. Somewhat surprisingly the spec sheet says a very low 1msec delay, which is probably as good as it will get for transmission latency. The camera and monitor setup will likely be the biggest challenge to reduce latency with this setup. Range and size are also ideal for FPV setups. Nice video too. Own production?


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