Universal Adapter for DJI Gimbals


We would like to share with you a project we've been working on at SPH Engineering. We have developed an adapter that makes it possible to connect and use DJI gimbals / camera systems with virtually any other drone or autopilot.

It was designed as a part of our tethered drone system AirMast (airmast.com), however, it will be available separately as well. Here's a video of the adapter:

The device features an Ethernet interface and can be operated through a web browser. Video stream can be played with media players such as VLC and others as ffmpeg. Furthermore, REST API is also available for controlling the camera.

The adapter is sold separately. For orders or more information please contact us at ugcs@ugcs.com
Get the latest version of UgCS here: www.ugcs.com

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Lawsuit is an interesting point, the whole multicopter / drone venture has so far been driven by open source, open hardware development, which is why it has moved so fast, but if it follows the PC revolution it mimics, that will probably change now. 

    As soon as serious money starts to be made and top tier capitalists get involved, they want a piece of everything.

    The battles between Microsoft, Apple and IBM are an excellent example. Eventually they took over everything and either bought or destroyed everything that got in their way.

    Apple spent a lot of time suing other other companies for things it had stolen from Xerox PARC.

    It will be interesting to see if DJI's next move is one of suppression, so far they have given no such indication.

    I actually think "property rights" are the single biggest retarder of technology and innovation and should simply be dispensed with.

    Almost from the beginning, they have failed to serve the inventors and innovators they were supposed to reward.

    And you can thank Edison for setting the format of it's complete and utter abuse.

    Best Regards,


  • While I doubt they will sue you (who knows, I may be wrong) but DJI seem to have no enthusiasm for anyone using their gimbals with anything other than their vehicles.

    What does your device cost as a standalone unit. I am considering one. Also what is the weight and dimensions?

  • For what reason? I'm engineer, not a lawer... but if somebody will tell us that we breach any law - we will stop immediately. We do not copy or steal DJI cameras - we designed additional product. From other side we created additional sales possibility for them - thousand of UAVs use non-DJI avionics, now they may use DJI cameras.

  • Now will DJI file a lawsuit?

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! 

    Pablo - regarding prices, please e-mail us at ugcs@ugcs.com

    Marc - the adapter should be able to handle DJI FLIR with no issues.

    Gary - UgCS supports APM / Pixhawk, but not 3DR Solo at this point.

  • Hi Kristaps,

    Just wondering does UGCS support Solo - been tested?

    "APM / Pixhawk" is not exactly clear on that point although you show an Iris.

    Best Regards,


  • @Rob -- that looks like it could easily be mount on your commercial heli. Now you can get an X-5 Gimbal on your Heli. And UGCS is a good GCS option as well.

    Kristaps - can that handle a DJI FlIR gimbal?

  • Amazing. Any idea of prices and what is required to make it work?? Thank you.

  • This is great!  Finally a way to use some well-engineered bespoke cameras and gimbals not available from all the companies that failed us. :)

  • Wow, this is amazing! Finally a decent gimbal/camera option for DIY drones. Now to get it interfaced to GSC software and off we go. Very impressive.

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