Vertigo FPV 27x Zoom Gimbal - early bird prices


Hi there,

First of all thank you for your feedback, we are truly excited to get so many warm comments and smart suggestions from all of you.

For all of you who see this project for the first time, check out earlier post to get some info ( )

We (me and Jacob) are happy to inform that the batch #1 prices are set.

One of our goals is to make the product affordable, so we decided to lowered the starting price from $799 to $499. 

Vertigo FPV 27x kits can be ordered through website, the payment is managed through PayPal.

These are the early bird prices of two Vertigo development sets, Basic and RTF.
We strongly recommend the RTF kit, because it is a fully finished and ready to run product.
The basic kit is made only to give the chance to people that have a smaller budget, and want to try to get it work with their own controller. 
There are 10 sets of each kit to buy, with this price.


Order site: (choose "Choose Kit" or "Order" button and then "Add to cart" under the desired kit to get to PayPal checkout. You can also choose "Store" from the upper menu)

Please remember to fill in the delivery address in the PayPal checkout step.
The delivery date is set to 01 of May 2015, but in practice we should be ready 2 weeks earlier.

If you need an invoice, please send us the necessary info by email (, after making the payment with PayPal.

Feel free to ask anything about the product at all time.


Greg Dronsky

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  • 100KM

    Hi Greg - I see you have batch 4 ready to ship. I'd like to purchase one, but I need it shipped express. Can you help? I've sent an email to

  • All cameras we had in PAL system.

    Now in batch#3 we have an option to choose which system is best for you - NTSC or PAL.

  • If in the U.S. should one use NTSC or PAL? As I recall I've used NTSC on other video products.


  • Thx Creg for your help
  • @Elios i just want to answer here for others, while i already wrote you an email Elios :)

    1. optical zoom

    2. 3701963385?profile=original

  • HI Greg, 

    It's a wonderful idea and solution. I have 2 questions:

    1- is it 27 x optical Zoom or Digital Zoom? I guess it should be optical, isn't it?

    2- is there a way to send us more information about the dimensions: (123 x 120 x 67)mm, because our plane is a fixed wings plane and we have to integrate it inside our bottom dome. 


  • @Peter Glukhovsky this is worth checking out. the price of the camera alone is about $350 though. But the weight and features are ok...

    Thanks for sharing! 

  • @ Gary McCray

    many Sony Handycams   have LANC (remote zoom control) and live AV-out, I even programmed to  start recording automatically when quad is armed. Sony CX-210  is just 165g (used w/o battery) , I use it on 350size quad

    recording quality is very good thanks to SteadyShot optical stabilizer 

  • @ Justice - the tx is not mounted. It is 360gram 3 axis gimbal with zoom camera. We couldn't fit a tx in it :)

  • Greg have you mounted on a plane yet? Fpv tx isn't built in correct? Still have to wire to an external 1.3 or 5.8?
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