DealExtreme has a new video grabber on their website. The problem for the versions they already sold for some longer was that modern OS's were not always supported because drivers being unavailable. I had a lot of trouble getting my grabber running on windows 7 and ended up making my notebook dualboot Windows XP to be able to use it.

Here is a link to Video Grabber



- Compatible with NTSC-433 and PAL60
- Fast, high quality video capture
- Works with anyvideo devices
- Store hours of videos on your hard disk
- Supportsvideo game consoles: XBOX 360, Wii, PS, record from RCA or S-Video
-Inputs: Composite video input (RCA connector), S-Video input (mini-DINconnector), Stereo audio
input (2 x RCA connectors)
- Screenformat: support 4:3 and 16:9
- Plug and play
- No external powerneeded
- Support Windows Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/Mac OS10.2 and above
-Comes with software CD

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  • You guys might be interested in the SVID2USB2 which seems to pop up everywhere. The one I have is from, and comes with XP drivers. I was able to locate a third-party application for OS X: and it worked well. I've used it "in the lab" for received video, but I haven't tried it in the field yet.
  • I too have used EasyCap and it seemed hit and miss on frames rates even with a high spec laptop. In the end I gave up on using my laptop as a DVR and settled on a sumvision cyclone media recorder. It's not the best picture in the world but it works okay. The only other trouble is thats its more equipment to move around.
  • Developer
    I used model DC60 with NTSC, works at 29.97 fps at 720x480 mpeg4 on HP G60-445DX with 3.7 rating running Vista Home Premium SP2..
  • T3
    Is EasyCap capable of capturing at full PAL resolution with 25 fps?
    I have one and it doesn't looks so on a modern laptop.
    Choking above 320x280.
  • Developer
    Remote doesn't work for EZCAP ATSC Digital HDTV above, but Win 7 fans liked it anyway.
  • Developer
    Check out this one from DX, EZCAP ATSC Digital HDTV & video capture, with remote too! only $31
  • Developer
    I would go with Easy CAP II from DX instead... $22 runs on Mac too. DX has been good to me..
  • A google search reveals that there is a (discontinued???) Pinnacle product with the same name as this grabber: Dazzle/Pinnacle Digital Video Creator 90

    It also pretty much looks the same. I found a review here.

    Conclusion of that review:
    The Dazzle package is low-cost and easy to use but, since the hardware leaves much of the work to the PC, it needs a well-spec'd PC.
    Pinnacle's Studio software, as we've said many times, is great in terms of ease of use and having features that most budget editors lack. Trouble is, the QuickStart version supplied in this package lacks a good few features that distinguish the full version from its rivals. Also, as we've seen here, Studio can be a swine when it doesn't behave.
    There is, we think, something very wrong with the way in which Studio burns DVDs. After all, we were able to successfully burn these same projects to DVD using another company's software - Roxio's, in this case.
    About the only other possible explanation is that Studio's progress-reporting tools are so poor that they failed to show us the state of the burns, and we falsely concluded after a long wait that burning had ground to a halt. But, if that turns out to be the explanation, it's probably even more of a reason for steering clear of this package and Studio in general until Pinnacle finally sorts things out
    Dazzle/Pinnacle Digital Video Creator 90 test and review
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  • How likely is this going to be genuine? Sells for ~70$ on Amazon vs. 27$ at DX. Sounds too good to be true...
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