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  • Thanks for the compliments! We took the Arducopter code and changed the motor outputs dependent on the tilt angle. The pilot has simply a knob to tilt the arms in to the angle he likes. The wincopter is fully controllable/flyable at each tilt angle and owning to the FC very stable too. It means that it flies also for example with a 45° tilt angle. There´s no need for extra control correction.

  • @Jonathan Hesselbarth Great work! best VTOL I ever seen.
    Regarding davidbuzz question, the transition quad <-> plane once is triggered, Is it autonomous? or require your control over elevator and ailerons til its finished. 

  • Developer

    @Jonathan Hesselbarth  - we'd love to know what ( if any ) software / code changes you've made to ArduCopter or ArduPlane to make this ingenious configuration "work"....?    

  • Hi everybody!

    @ Alejandro Martin Pirola - The hover time is around 8 minutes. During forward flight it should be possible to stay up longer than 20 minutes (if you fly slowly). I just loaded up two graphs about the electric power flow ->Link. The Propulsion of one motor is around 1,2 kg. The weight of the whole aircraft 2,4 kg.

    @Jim Turpin - You're right, we had two prototypes before the current version V13CH. At the moment we're testing the aircraft to bring it ready for a serial production. I think we are able to sell the V13CH soon ;)

    @Kim Skatun - Nice project at the RWTH Achen! We are students from the TU Darmstadt.


  • check out  Maverix…
  • @davidbuzz - ou're looking at the betaversion which is a different fuselage than the one shown in the above video. Thw one in the video above has servos for ailerons / elevator / and rudder. It looks like they have a couple different designs on their site. SUPER COOL, and I want one now. I wish there were some more build details.

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    @JimTurpin - their website says they only use 4 motors and 2 ailerons, its in German, but google translate will give a pretty good interpretation....

  • @davidbuzz - There's servos in the rudder / elevator. See this video:

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    it uses sail winch servo/s to manage the tilt mechanism. it steers with 4x motors, and 2x ailerons, not using any active rudder or elevator .  :-)

  • Awesome. I would like to know efficiency data. Hover time / Forward Flight Time. VTOL Propulsion weight / Equivalent Single motor propulsion weight.
    Looking forward to know trade offs about having multicopter and plain capabilities together.

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