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  • Sorry for the resurrection post but wanted to mention that we use the Makers extensively at the moment and this is incorporated into one of our permanent patents on an array of combined sensors and sensor fusion.

    The range is ~10M on raw imaging, accuracy is .1mm depth.

  • Looking at the api from walabot, in one example i found: 

    // Walabot_SetArenaR - input parameters
    double minInCm = 30;
    double maxInCm = 200;
    double resICm = 3;
    Probably the range is around 2 meters. 
  • Here is a link to a somewhat more informative article on the Vayar chip which it appears is exactly a short range 7GHZ phased array radar chip made in Israel.

    It is unique at this time and should definitely provide some interesting sensor capabilities.

    The Walabot appears to be a sort of proof of principal embodiment designed to get it into the hands of people who can actually develop applications for it.

    I suspect the $600.00 one is the only one worth developing with.

    Vayyar Aspires to Deliver Compact, Cost-Effective, Versatile Depth Scanning | Berkeley Design Techn…
    A variety of visible light- and infrared-based technologies are currently available for determining objects' locations in 3D space, as well as ascert…
  • Hi John,

    Looks like a short range phased array radar system to me.

    Military uses this especially on hardened radar installations and imaging sonars use the same principle.

    Probably need to look up the "VYYR2401 A3 System-on-Chip integrated circuit" to see what it's actual capabilities are.

    The videos seem to be a bit thin on substance.

    And their web site has even less information.

    And even the PDF you referenced has very little operational information in it.

    Still, it is interesting.



  • Developer

    As usual the videos and web pages are very light on actual information. Most detailed description I have found so far is this.

    Seems to have much in common with multi-beam sensor technology, but using Ghz radio instead of ultrasound. And as the videos show, operating in the Ghz range has some interesting characteristics if the return signal can be accurately sampled and analyzed. But I cannot find any specification on sensor range, accuracy, refresh rate or anything like that. Not going to press any purchase button until I have that.

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