Well its Friday and this is cool


Sorry if you have seen this before, I have been watching this one and don't think it has come up here much. No doubt for all sorts of reasons variable pitch will become popular. The aerobatics are just the half of it.

If you are having a Friday Flyday enjoy it, otherwise everyone have a safe weekend.

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  • Hugues, in terms of 3d flying the pilots are pretty crazy, but open up any flight sim program and start practicing with a 3d heli and you'll be surprised how much better you'll be after just a week.

  • MR60

    I don't understand how a human brain can pilot such a complex device in 3D without crashing every 2 seconds (i already find very difficult to learn fly a stable quad horizontally). I am more amazed by the pilots than by the machine itself really.

    This is I think the true limitation of such a device for commercial use : you only will find one person on a million capable of flying these things.

  • T3

    Very cool video.

  • Better:
  • So...if it has one motor and one ESC, why not replace those with an ICE and a fuel tank?

    With the right engine, a small alternator could charge the battery... Hybridization of Quadrotors!

    4 ESCs and 4 BLDC take far more more than 4 servos. On the other hand, the VP prop efficiency is not so great being intended to counteract the main rotor torque of a heli and not be used for lift.

    Regardless, I see hybridization a short step away.


  • I believe they have their own flight control system, but it would be possible to code the APM to drive multi-pitch quads/hexs/etc

  • What magic box does he use to control the servos?

  • Hmm.. Anyone tested/tried efficiency benefit between 1motor/4servo compared to 4motor/0servo?
    I mean, other than the obvious benefit of acrobatic capability, is there anything else to it?

  • What sorcery is this?

    Looks pretty sweet!
  • Fantastic!!
    Do you think they will be better able to handle wind?
    50, 60mph?
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