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What airframes are you flying with APM?

Here's what I'm flying with ArduPilotMega:

--EasyStar (default settings work fine)


--SuperStar EP (default settings work fine):


--Skyfun (default settings work fine)


--Skywalker (picture at top)
--And of course ArduCopter!

What airframes have you flown APM with? Any tips or changes needed?

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  • T3
    A380 !!!

    Still under construction. I'll start with the default settings. Fingers crossed.

  • My bird is a fish.

    This is my flying shark.
    This is almost on off the shelf plane.
    The fuselage are made of carbon and kevlar, the wings are from Aeronaut Aero-Master and the fins are from multiplex.
    UAV electronics from Arduino and Spektrum. Axi motor
    She weights 1300g with a battery of 5000mAp
    I am very happy with the first flies .
    My Flying shark will be painted with shark mouths painted on the front. But smiling. No teeth like the classic decoration.
    More photos will be sent.

  • The APM is going into an EasyStar now, then it will move into my ElectriStar and if it performs as I expect and proves to be reliable then it will move into this scratch built 4 pound twin boom inverted "V" tail with interchangeable payload options. So far I have been very impressed with the APM. The board took a brief detour providing gyro stabilization for a camera gimbal ... worked very well and now we'll see how it flies. This should prove to be very interesting.

  • Ritchie, I make an own blog when I start with the tests. The good thing is that I exchanged the turbine by an electric motor, so it won't have to fly fast and there is no delay in throttle ;) At the moment I'm mainly interested in using the APM to analyse flight behavior...
  • :O Andres you are gonna have some real fun with that beast. Awesome work. Velocity being why you will be so careful, I mean if that hits its gonna be hard. Please post everything.
  • I'm going to try this one:

    And here a video:

    A will first use the APM to analyse the flight behaviour and move step by step to autonomous flight. I'll probably test my setup before in another plane such as the EasyGlider.

  • 3D Robotics
    David: I think that battery would be too big for the Skyfun. It's really meant for 2200-3000 batteries, and 20 minute flight times. If you want something bigger that's fast, I'd look at a RiteWing Zephyr flying wing. Or for bigger and slower, a Skywalker.
  • Chris/anyone with a SkyFun: Do you think it would be feasible to get 45min (8000 mah battery maybe?) of flight time out of this airframe and carry an 8 oz payload? I would think the power system would have to be upgraded, any suggestions?
  • 3D Robotics
    tycinis: that's using the new beta code, which I'll update today.

  • I am working at a classic twin boom pusher with inverted v-tail (codename SUSPECTOR) about 3m wing span. For testing apm I will use a foam platform.
    I will use an additional Arduino Mega for communication and other controls since the SUSPECTOR has flaps and airbrakes that aren't included in the APM code. This project will have a high level of redundancy bacause I will try to get an autonomous flight licence (for switzerland).
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