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  • That thing looks brilliant and it flew :)

    I am not so sure about this attempt here:

  • The analog control computer from the PA-4 is still around. I'll try to post some pics.

  • Piasecki was ahead of their time. Here is the flying jeep they built and flew in the late 50's.
  • Bet it was worth less than the typical $50 billion valuation of a modern quad copter.

  • Craig, good find. I love the name:"flying octopus"
  • The original manned version may have been:

    Tesla had developed R/C control way back in 1898 - and patented it. So all the parts were there.

    De Bothezat helicopter
    The de Bothezat helicopter, also known as the Jerome-de Bothezat Flying Octopus, was an experimental quadrotor helicopter built for the United States…
  • It wasn't pursued due to lack of technology.  Like the flying wing.. until 30 years later when they finally got it right. 
    And countless other great mechanical inventions of the mid century, that didn't quite work due to lack of technology.  Many of which are working great now..

  • 50 years later, history is repeating itself to relearn all the reasons why this was not pursued much more after the fact. Cool experiment, but practicality at this scale is much more limited compared to other options.

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