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  • I've seen this quite a while back. This is really awesome. It's like a jet pack without extremely flamable fuel strapped onto your back. Instead, there is a high speed rotor on top of you.

    Worst that can happen is that it stalls mid air and you fall to your...

  • That's cool, but this one is smaller.

  • He gets full marks for trying  first time I seen counter rotating propellers on a home build  A local fellow has been building auto Gyros since the 1970's  (Ganville) a fellow has been building one man enclosed helicopters in Alberta almost as long (Scorpion ) I knew a local father and son team built a 2 seater took it on the first flight out in the back yard  trying it out no flying experience just "testing "un tethered 200 feet straight up 200 feet straight down both dead .

  • You know this actually looks relatively safe. It would really sell me, if they added a lexan canopy extending down from the motor base, that enclosed the entire head, maybe even down to around the shoulder.

  • You never see these guys go further than they care to fall.  They always just do a quick hop - chickens.

  • @Gary, its the first time iv seen it...

  • Now this guy is much less painful to watch then the "multirotor in the court yard, lift me 2 feet off the ground guy"

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    These have been about for years? 

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