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  • This is if you're a wimp.

    Funniest thing I've seen in awhile :) thanks for sharing!
  • Moderator
    I know the smell of fried resisters in the morning... and it aint pretty!!
  • Developer
    Remove the short and release the smoke!!!
  • Moderator
    Isn't it the short that should be omitted if you are a whimp?
  • I love the holy water ground, the solder blob, but above all the AC power source labeled 'omit this is you're a wimp' :P
  • Moderator
    Not everyone can tell the flux capacitors... some guys in my IT dept knew just by looking, but not the guy from Finance... maybe its a nerd thing?
    (Actually the bean counter is a lot nerdier than we are!)
  • I love how it's not necessary to label the flux capacitor, we all just know.
  • SparkFun has a kit for this.
  • Moderator
    Where's the kitchen sink? If I build it will DIY support it?
  • Notice the Arduino in there? :-)
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