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Yay Fire Department! Plane rescued!

The ladder crew came to the rescue! The plane lives to fly again in round three, the final round! I'm not sure how much more drama I can handle....this is nail-biting stuff. And the wind has picked up. Yikes---will we pull this off? Stay tuned....
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  • We still get cats out of trees too. 

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    SgtRic: Yes, this the second time the fire dept has come to my rescue. The first time was in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and they used a hose to bring down my EZ (not good for electronics). I think that was three EZs ago, but maybe there's still some part of that original one in my current one.
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    If I remember an earlier post, this isn't the first time the fire dept has had to help bring your planes down.

    Good luck to you and Jordi... you've both worked hard we know.
  • At least it hasn't started to snow yet!

    Good meeting you today.
    Pat Brown
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