You Are Now Required To Register Your Drone


Whether you agree with the FAA’s requirement to register your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) so you can fly it outdoors for fun as a hobby this is now the law as of 12/21/2015.

I would rather ensure my drones are registered rather than face the possibility of a civil penalty up to $27,500. I know I won’t be using them for any criminal activity so I will definitely not face the prospect of fines up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years. You can view the full rule here

When registering you complete the form with your name, home address, email address, etc. and you will be issued with a unique registration number, you can also use your drone’s serial number when registering. The problem I foresee with using the serial number is if you change drones you have to go through the process of registration once again. If you are issued with the FAA unique registration number it covers any drones you have. You can click HERE to go to the FAA website to register your drone/UAS

Drones/UAS have to be marked with your registration number and this can be done using labels, engraving or using a permanent marker and the number must be readily accessible, readable and legible for visual inspection. You may put the registration number in your battery compartment if you don’t want a visible number on external areas of the drone.

If you would like professionally produced labels for your drone as one way of complying with the FAA regulations then go to Drone Registration Label who can provide them for you.

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  • You are not registering your drone. You are registering yourself.

  • hal..... And NO you do not need to register your drone if you switch to a different one.  It is a unique user number for hobby use.

    If you use your drones serial number when you register which you may do and then get another drone you would have to go through the registration process again. If you use the FAA system to issue a unique registration number then this is for any drone you currently have or buy in the future.

    Coastwise....... Putting fancy, pretty label.. $$$! Why not use an old fashioned felt tip pen?

    I guess the 438 orders I have received means those people do not have your skills with a felt tipped pen and preferred a fancy, pretty label..... ensure you use a felt tip pen that is a permanent marker so that you comply with the FAA :)

  • John Wheeler

    Where are you coming from? With all that pious talk... Not getting into trouble... Putting fancy, pretty label.. $$$! Why not use an old fashioned felt tip pen?
  • A length of tape and permanent marker suffice for the marking requirements.  You do not even need to have it visible on the outside of the drone.  And NO you do not need to register your drone if you switch to a different one.  It is a unique user number for hobby use.  Commercial use requires that because the get assigned a unique N number. Read the FAQ section on the FAA website.

  • @Tom,

    nope, AMA asked members to hold off on December 17, 2015
    well ahead of the first deadline December 21, 2015.
    AMA really has had a serious problem how to make old members to renew membership fee ( $50- $80 vs. $5 FAA fee).

    Not sure if AMA members now fly new drone found under tree
    or just wait as requested.

  • Maybe this week there will be some information from the FAA on how many of the millions of gift sUAS were registered?

    The skies did not turn black with this technological plague where I live (yes, that was a snide comment).


  • AMA asks people to wait...

    Hold Off On Registering
  • Thank you for the input Gary, certainly appreciate a positive comment:)

  • Good idea.
    My adhesive talabel printer from Brother can now be hot item.
    I remember well old, manual, adhesive label printers featuring
    daisy wheel
  • Hi John,

    Whether you agree with the FAA's requirements or not, having an easy source of the labels is a good thing.

    For smaller "drones" it might be good to have a smaller alternative as well.

    If you are using P-touch I would suggest you use the high adhesion ones.

    I used them on a commercial kiln controller instrument housing I was selling and they were very satisfactory and they come in a variety of sizes and colors although not the color combination you are showing.

    Best Regards,


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