1st Flight Backflip

Hello hello.

I just tried to launch my new adrucopter. Instead of flying it tries to make a backflip! I think something is wrong with back & forth. What I have done so far:

- Checked that the APM is build in correct (The arrow points to forward)

- Recalibrated the sensors (Tip to left right and back and forth)

- Checked the motors

I have attached my logfile.

Any ideas?


2013-03-11 18-26 5.log

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  • i've once inverted output 6-pin cable and had this result.

    backflips is about wrong connection/propeller direction 

  • Another often done mistake is to not select '+' or 'x' configuration correctly.

  • T3
    Are you sure you got the right props on the right motors? Pusher bad normal props in the correct order.
  • I just checked the log. Is it correct, that only the configuration is dumped? Where is the flight data?


  • When I first tried to fly my 3DR Hex, it would flip on its back every time.  (See my 20 second video below).. It turned out I had the ESC wires that go to the APM connected wrong.. They were reversed..  This may not be your problem, but it's  something you should definitley check.


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