since i'm a happy owner of Iris I would like to try some FPV with GoPro.

It's not all about pure FPV I'm mostly concered about framing a GoPro to get a good shoot :)

So basically we need a transmitter, gopro and a cable. Now the thing is how to power it all together - best would be to take power source from mine lipo to get minimum weight.

Currently flying with ZIPPO 3S 5000mAh 25C and I'm thinking it would be best to power transmiter and the camera from it. Since that things are not drawing much power it should be better than adding second battery which's always adding unwanted extra weight. Am I right? Beside that I'm thiking that we can resignate from powering gopro itself and just stick to powering a transmitter.

The last thing is that whole system should fit into the Iris shelf.

Any ideas?



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  • So did you ever find out if it is ok to run the tarot 2 axis gimbal and the fpv transmitter from the same belly jst connector?  I am afraid I will toast something.  

    I have this from another project I am thinking about re-purposing http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-DC-Converter-Step-Down-Power-Supply-Mo...

    If I cannot connect the 3DR 200mw fpv transmitter to the same power source as the gimbal, where do you guys / gals propose i splice into power?  Straight from the battery connector?

    I think I bit off more than I can chew, I just want to have great aerial footage. :(  I am scared the IRIS might not be able to 'get her done'

  • Hello, has anyone found a really good FPV solution for the Iris?

  • Hi Seba,

    Please see this wiki page: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-fpv-first-person-view/

    Re the FPV: Youve really got two good choices and either one of them will yield good results.

    For a LCD screen based solution, 3DR's FPV all inclusive kit is a good deal and includes everything you need even a Minim OSD and batteries:


    You will need to add the optional FPV monitor and the total price is about $375.00.

    Alternatively if you want to use a head mounted set of goggles, the best deal available is for a Fat Shark Attitude goggle (the one you want) along with transmitter and camera (the receiver is built into the goggles) for about $408.00


    You will need to add a battery or 2 for the goggles and you should get a MinimOSD from 3DR so you can get a on screen display of flight information.

  • Did you or anybody else come to a conclusion on the FPV for the Iris?

    I understand that the 2.4GHz Wifi on the GoPro will interfere with the RC, and an FPV is not available for the Iris off the shelf.

    I am looking for an FPV solution as well, ideally utilizing the GoPro as camera.

    Seba, does this battery fit into the compartment? How does it affect the range?



  • Does 5000mAh 25C battery fits inside of IRIS? How long IRIS fly with this battery?

  • I would love to know what you decided and what is working.  I will be getting my Iris next month and plan on at some point doing fpv for some of the same reasons you mentioned.   So I would appreciate any insight you have so I cam also try this.  I came across something unique where you can use either 5.8 or 1.3ghz directly from the gopro.   I believe you will find more here?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARhJQvq9ug8&feature=youtube_gdata  

  • I have recently started flying FPV with a GoPro3 and lots of people say the same thing, that it can crash(software) or freeze and you get no video. They all seem to recommend that you have a switcher with a regular camera, so if the GP freezes then you can switch to the other. I personally have not had this happen but then again i have not done a lot of flights with the GP.

    Theres also an annoying problem with the GP, where you need to reset the minimosd after powering up so you get the pic and overlay. Initially you wont get the OSD which is annoying but not a big deal and easily fixed.

    You will also need a gimbal, to get a better experience. Im saying this because as you know when the copter changes direction it tilts towards the target. This will affect your focus because it will jump without the gimbal. This is only a problem when your near to things like a few meters from trees.


    Perhaps others can chip in.

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