Adding extra functions to MinimOSD

I have started to add functions to MinimOsd code.

At first i did it for myself only. Added many functions i thought i need. Then opened this thread.

after a while, Pedro and later Miguel came, and things started to happen fast. :D

They have optimised the code and added even more things to it.

They have worked hard on CT, and it became a great tool!

Thank you Bough! :)

By now MinimOSD-Extra got a pretty advanced OSD.

Here it is in action:


- Changeable unit measurement (US, metric)

- Airspeed

- Home alt

- Battery Percent

- Battery used mah

- Current Draw

- Time From Startup (cleared at takeoff to show exact flight time)

- OSD Menu

- Variometer

- Wind horizontal speed and direction, and also the average wind speed of the last few minutes. 

- OSD on/off

- Switchable secound screen

- WP distance

- WP heading

- Crosstrack error

- Warning messages for Lost GPS fix, Stall, Overspeed, battery volt, battery Percent, RSSI

- Efficiency, glide distance & thermic notifier. 3 in one panel

- OSD Brightness

- HAM Call Sign

- After flight summary

- Trip distance

- Temperature

- Smoothened horizon

- Real heading


- Vertical speed

This functions can be turned on and off, and placed on different screens now, by the Config. tool.

Also RSSI, switching mode and channel and unit measurement, Stall speed warning, Overspeed warning, Battery warning volt, Battery percent warning, RSSI warning,  can be set in new Config Tool.

We built in a new way of setting video standards. Now OSD does not guessing anymore :). You can set it fixed from CT. It is in "Video Mode" menu.

Here is how it looks: (This video is a bit outdated, sorry. I will make a new one soon.)

The MinimOSD-Extra project is here: Link

This project is the developing version of the official Arducam OSD located here: Link

The latest stable version is: 2.2

The latest version can be downloaded from here: MinimOSD-Extra R800

Username: MinimOSD_Extra

Password: Top_Secret

CT is included. (The FW for Plane, Copter, Character upload and the character file is in the "FW & Char" directory inside CT directory)

We are sharing it to see videos you make using it! :)


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  • Hi all, 

    I have this issue below when connect my minimOSD.
    Any idea what could be? It was working OK, then I did some update for firmware and charset, change osd location and got this image. Thanks.


  • Ok, just checked that nothing wrongs happens when you get over 65km total path, at least not some " integer overflow" over the screen :D

    But one more thing to fix, flight time only shows to 60min and than start again (Am I only one to fly more than hour and 65km with minim-osd extra?)

    flight 32km forth and back

  • FYI, I recently updated to Arducopter 3.1dev, and got an overly active "Over VSpeed" warning panel; rarely turned off even while sitting on the ground LOL. So I looked at the code, and I think I found the bug.The VS warning panel checks VS<abs(10*stall), and stall is initialized "0" (in OSD_Vars.h). Since imperial conversions are done at print time, I assume stall is in meters, correct? I planned on fixing this by initializing stall = .25 (m/s / 10), but not sure if I'm missing some new step in configuring the latest extra firm, or some other bug that is causing the VS warning to stay on.

  • I am having some problems with the callsign. It doesn't show, just flashes up every once in a while. Is that intended? Would it be possible to have a free text field which accepts all chars and is present on the screen permanently, kinda like a watermark? I'd also like to suggest adding (GPS-) date and time fields.

    Reason for this is that I am working on a project for usage in SAR and the videostream of the onboard camera including the OSD should be recorded for documentation purposes.

  • Hey gang...still here!!!

    I'm running JR's port on my CC3D 

    There were  a lot of changes to this rig namely

    OrangeLRS TX running OpenLRSNG 3.1

    DTF UHF mini UHF receivers also running OpenLRSNG 3.1

    Crius CN-06 with a DIY ground plane antenna (this was critical for getting it to punch through localized interference and grab a gps lock)

    MinOPOSD on a MinimOSD v0.1 board

    Finally flying!!!

  • Looks like there are some minor bug or maybe I can call it issue with total flight path. In the summary table it shows total path as signed integer, and so, if it is grater than 32km (32,767m), it shows negative. for ex, today I got 49.23km total path and at the and it shows -16307m :)

    But looks like there rises another problem, what happens if flight path is above 65km (65,535meters)?

  • Developer

    Offtopic posting a bit but still really relevant for this development posting. After been working with Sandro we came in conclusion that it's time to upgrade MiniOSD a bit.. So we did :)


    MiniOSD v1.2 is here now. 


    - RSSI input and several other Analog inputs exposed

    - New connector for easier cabling, FTDI connector can still soldered under PCB

    - Additional +12/GND pins for easier cabling on high power end.

    - Additional +5v power input

    - Size 48 x 20mm

    Only available on jDrones store

    And Gabor can you PM me.

    jD-MiniOSD v1.2 MAVLink compatible OSD
    R/C UAV and ArduCopter manufacturer and one stop shop. We make your FPV come true.
  • Copter Vertical Speed Warning fixed: r682


  • Here is a flight with r681 and AC3.0.1

    I made the mistake of uploading the latest character set instead of the one with the version number of the CT so the armed icon is wrong. Only problem I noticed is STALL warning. Why do I have that?

  • Hi,

    So here it is a new copter pre-release r681

    It should fix warnings panel not showing.

    Any feedback testing it would be much appreciated.



This reply was deleted.


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