after doing the AutoTune the drone becomes too responsive (over sensetive)


After I did a AutoTune my drone became too responsive.

Before AutoTune flying was way more pleasant.

To rollback these settings do I have to change the PIDs to it's defauld settings?

This is my setup:

Pixhawk with Hexa Arducopter 3.2-rc14

Mission planner (Beta)

Below the screenschots of the PIDs before and after AutoTune:

i'm not familiar with these settings and not certain what to change.

any advice is welcome!

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Increase your exponential stick scaling on tx

The problem is that it not anly in stabilize mode but also appears in AlHold or PosHold it also reacts fast and strange you can hear this by the props.

There where also "accelerometer health" issues and I could not arm the drone.

Could this be because it was 3.8° degree (38.84F) that affects the accelerometer sensor?

I have been flying in much colder weather, also with "frozen" equipment that was spotted in car over night. No difference except for batteries.

The new Stabilize Roll value caught my eye - try lower it to 4.5 - equal to Stabilize Pitch. It looks like something went wrong during AutoTune. The ideal values depend on size, weight and number of arms of the multicopter, motor size and props etc, please let us know and we may be able to give you better advice.

Also maybe try another AutoTune?

Good luck!


I would retry auto tune as Jan had also suggested, if that still does not help I would manually set P.I.D's back to what they were when it was flying better. take off ,, stay low ,, less then 10FT and test the water,,

remember its better to hit the ground at 10 feet then it is at 100 ft.. dont get crazy, just lift it off the ground and see how it handles after the change.

also do ONE THING AT A TIME, its a process of elimination .

Here some info on my drone:

Frame: Tarot TY690S Hexacopter

Weight: 2.850 Kg. (all included)

Motors: 700kv

Props: 13x4.5

Battery: 4S 5000mAh

That's about one kilo heavier than my 550mm size scratch built hexa, so I guess my PID values wouldn't be of much help.

Still - a good starting point for Stabilize Roll and Pitch may be around 9.0 for both. My PI values for Rate on my hexa after AutoTune ended up around 0.1 for both Roll and Pitch, yours may end up higher because of a heavier ship. D rates I don't know, mine ended around 0.01 for roll and pitch - I think it depends on final Rate PI values - anyway a successful AutoTune would take care of those, I think..

So either reset all values to default and try AutoTune again, or try mine (at your own risk :-) ) before a retry. If you have a gimbal mounted it should be removed before attempting AutoTune, or at least secure all moving parts so nothing is hanging loose.

Somebody else may comment on your "accelerometer health" issue, but did you calibrate?


Frame: Tarot TY690S Hexacopter

Size: 690mm

Weight: 2.940 Kg. (all included)

ESC's ZTW-Spider 30A opto (SimonK V2014-09-30 BS N-FET) [No Sync Problems]

Motors: 700kv

Props: 13x4.5 carbon

Battery: 4S 5000mAh Turnigy

I wil try again as soon there is no wind, mabe tomorow and change the values as they where before and execute an AutoTune again and see what that brings.

If I add a second battery (2x 5000mAh) do I have to AutoTune again?

Hi, you should have  the "lock pitch and roll values" box ticked in the second screen shot.

Your  pitch and roll PI's should normally be the same. Rate roll and Rate pitch  shouldn't be much higher than about 0.2000.

You can enter your original numbers in the respective boxes and hit "write params".

Then I suggest you read the Ardupilot wiki "roll pitch tuning"...

That will explain everything better than I can!!


Usually I have 2 sets of PIDs param after Autotune, with one or two battery.

Sure weight will influence the param, so yes, try to keep 2 version of your param.

Just save them after each fly with 1 or 2 batteries.

Also not a good idea  to Autotune with an active gimbal. I am blocking the gimbal free movement when doing Autotune. 

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