• can someone tell the pinout colour code to connect the ftdi cable to the gps? because i believe that's he first thing i'm wrong

    thank you 

  • Nobody got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  • the ftdi cable is arrived today but still not luck this is the error code that i got when i try to flash my gps, anyone can direct me on the right direction?


    Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 16.50.33.png

  • i can't change the gps setting, my pc say unknown usb device, i install the drivers too, but nothing i need help please

  • can anyone tell the light code of the ublox neo 6m i got a flashing red light? 

  • Another promising GPS module is this one: the PCI-5S. It features a USB connection (on the minipci-e connector) as well as standard UART on testpads on the bottom. The price can't be beaten. The PPS signal is also available on a testpad. The module can be cut in two if the PCI-e connector is not needed (power+USB is also present on testpads). I like the fact that an external antenna can be connected, this allows mounting the antenna in a spot with little interference, without having to move the entire module. It can be set to 5Hz using u-center.

    I have not tested it with APM, but used it for navigation applications and it performs very well, even in urban canyons. I expect it to only work better with a clear view of the sky.

  • Michael,

    Do we actually need to have APM TX wire connected to gps? Simple solution to prevent APM overwriting gps setup is to disconnect tx pin, if we can use gps only in "listen" mode.

    I'm also using NEO-6M from HK with APM1 + quad and have mixed feelings of it. Most of the time performance is very good comparing MTK, but i have some problems also. Neo seems to be more sensitive to interference or dropping sats due angle of quad. I'm not sure if it's because of active and higher gain patch antenna comparing to mtk or what. I'm also using FRSKY telemetry radios and suspecting it is maybe the source for interference. I usually have only 6-8 satellites and sometimes count drops to 4-5 which obviously gives problems. With MTK had always 8-12 sats and never had satellite dropout in almost 200 flights. I've noticed that when Neo using hot/warm (backup battery) start, it finds very fast 4-6 satellites, but those are not enough to fly safely. Now i'm waiting 30s to one minute after APM fix before takeoff, it seems to help.

    Soon i'm going to do some experiments with gps module position and also trying different radio/receiver without telemetry.

    Regards Jani

  • Hi Radek,

    Yes. You can use AP_GPS_UBLOX.cpp with AC-3.0-rc5.

  • Hey guys,

    I tried using these files from this thread with NEO-6m and APM 2.5. I'm also using firmware 2.9.1b. When i use loiter mode my quad sometimes towels in a direction like the gps is telling the apm its position has changed drastically. I also live in europe and this GPS cant use galileu satellites. I didnt had this problem when i used LEA-6H with MPNG



  • Hi Michael!

    Thanks for your investigations. Could you give me the pin out of that data cable between GPS and FTDI please?

    So I could try some testing tomorrow and perhaps helps Adriano..


    nice to see you again! One Question: did you see that your SBAS config was wrong? I.e. not set up for europe?

    regards Christian

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