Hello, friends!

I have a question about the ability to use APM Planner coupled with ArduStation for antenna tracking. Actually i want to try the new 3DR radios instead of XBEEs.

I tried different settings in "Antenna Tracker" options section in the APM Planner but nothing happens when i connect to ArduStation.

My ardustation has "Ardustation2_APM_ACM_2.0.13" firmware onboard.

APM Planner version 1.1.75 mav 0.9.

Any ideas?



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ardustation is designed to be a standalone antenna tracker. idealy you would need to piggyback the rx lines from your 3dr so you can use both at the same time.

so it is possible to get the RX line directly from the HM-TRP module on its USB board and connect it to the RX line that goes from the XBEE socket on the ArduStation board, yep?

* also should set the correct baudrate in the ArduStation firmware probably...

I'm in the same situation. 

Can anyone help us ? 

I want to use the informations of radio 3DR  for the ardustation directs my tracking antenna.

Waiting for 3DR 915 to be available at stock. Will try to do the stuff described above as soon as i get it.

Then will reply the result here.

Do you have results ?
APM2 + 3DR Radio + Ardustation + Antenna Tracking,
Is that possible ?

Should be able to set up the ardustation to track the "whatever it is you fly" with or without the planner. if you want to connect the planner via the ardustation i *think* you need to reverse the mosi and miso lines on the ftdi connector to get data out. have read it in the ardustation forum but not tried it personally.

http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/ardustation-pc-ground-station => this is the post with swapped tx/rx lines

http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3dr-radios-for-the-ardustation-is... => connecting the 3DR radio

Still unable to order 915MHz kit due to missing modules :(

Thanks for the links, Chris! 

i see Joachim proved that ardustation will work with 3DR directly.

sebiss07, so if you wish to use ardustation just for antenna tracking try getting only DRX and GND from the ground module [ datasheet http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf_app/HM-TRP.pdf ] and connect DRX to the 2nd pin of XBee socket on the ardustation board and GND somewhere [ xbee socket pinout http://code.google.com/p/xbee-api/wiki/XBeePins ]

I just tried to do the same with my xbee - both APM planner and ardustation worked perfectly. So i think it should work on 3DR too.

Good luck!

what baud rate do you use? i cant get my ardustation to receive any data, i can see the heartbeat flashing away, but cant get any params.

I think i saw somewhere that there was a problem with 57k on the ardustation, but now i cant find it!

to tell the truth i had to set ardustation's and APM's baudrate to 9600 because of my wrong XBEE modules (xbee 900 pro xsc) which work only at 9600, and this way it works only for receive. It's unable to send anything because APM's buffer is busy all the time at that baudtrate (i posted that issue here - http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/apm1-xbeepro900-xsc-9-6kbps-issues ). I can request parameters before APM starts transmitting telemetry data (some seconds while APM is initializing).

So, what's your ardustation behaviour? If your APM/XBee/Ardustation baudrate set the same values ? What happens when you request parameters? Do you see flight data changing?

And what firmware do you use?

everthing is set for 57k at the moment.

not sure of the firmware on the ardustation, but im trying to flash it to the latest now

will let you know how i get on

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