ArduCopter 2.4 released

Version 2.4 of the ArduCopter code is now available in the AP Mission Planner and in the downloads area.  Although not as big a change as the 2.3 release, it still includes a respectable number of enhancements and bug fixes.




Bug fixes:


The default PIDs are optimized for a 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props. If you're using more powerful motors/props, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.


Thanks go to the numerous contributors including users and their detailed bug reports, developers and testers.  Hopefully all together this will add up to a nice smooth release!


As per usual, please post your comments, issues in this discussion.  For enhancement requests for future versions, feel free to add them to the issues list.  Note:  you can "star" an issue to receive emails when someone comments on the item.  On the dev side it helps us because we can get an idea as to which feature requests are the most popular by sorting by the number of people how have starred each issue.

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  • Great job! By the way: can I know which version of MAVLINK does it use? Mavlink 0.9 or mavlink 1.0? Thank you

  • Just got the APM 2 in today. It linked up well to the copter frame based on the APM 1.

    Tomorrow I will fly it with a camera gimbal.

    It will be interesting how the certain vibration harmonics happen.

  • I successfully uploaded 2.4 via the MP to an APM 1.4 1280, thanks guys.

    At the risk of nagging: is there any support yet for the X8 frame configuration in this release? Couldn't set it up using the MP Mavlink, can it be done via CLI? Thanks and keep up the good work.

    BTW I can use Arduino but not clear as to what to tweak before uploading.

  • Hi,

        when switching between Alt_Hold and Loiter I get some altitude deeps. See attachment.

    Is Loiter holding altitude or only manual throttle?



    PS: My Mission Planner has changed to spanish!!!!!


  • Developer


    There's big problem with dcm "fast" (I have already occurred), a complete blowup, stop to work and don't restore, high risk to crash if brings the quad to do pretty aggressive maneuvers.
    The dear Roberto Navoni found the problem, and I replied for two times in a row in 30 seconds, with my little quad in my hands (disarmed motors), therefore is not a random thing, it's real problem.
    Replicate the problem: quad in your hards, motors disarmed, nose up over 90°, i suggest 180, like inverted flight and again down (return orizontal), repeat the step some time and the DCM go in a complete blowup, now you can see the hud completely gray... blowup!
    Apparently the problem occurs only without gps fix, regardless they should not do.
    I tried both with 2.4, 2.4.1 and with latest GIT, the problem is the same.
    The problem has been present for months, is that no one had ever noticed.
    Alert was due, even if it is a situation quite difficult to replicate in flight, but regardless of this they should not do.
    One thing is certain: HUD should not go gray! :-)
    Stay tuned for future fix, and now fly at your own risk (my quad remain stationary for a while to the ground).
    Here my video with the bug.

     -= Marco =-
    (AC Dev Team)

  • Developer

    ArduCopter 2.4.1 on MP and GIT:

    For all users who are already using version 2.4 I strongly recommend upgrading to 2.4.1.
    That fixes a small problem, however, is not indifferent.
    Is not necessary to reset the eeprom or APM after the upgrade.
    The motors test that I created for the hexa is not included in the version inside the planner upgrade, but only in the GIT (at the moment)... thanks to Max Levine for the first structure of this code.


  • Can any of you PID gurus :) tell me what param may causing a sort of "rocking chair" effect ? If I lean the quad to any side and then return to neutral, I get sort of a decaying sin wave oscillations of about 3 or 4 times (ex : 45º -> stick to neutral -> -10º -> 5º -> finally leveled) I tryied different values on rate P but didn't seem to make any difference (from 0.09 to 0.150).

    Also there are some params that we don't generally touch on the left side (params list) named LOITER_LAT_P, LOITER_LAT_I, LOITER_LAT_D, ... what are these ? When we tune Loiter in the boxes, that changes the HLD params (I think meaning HOLD), so what are the LOITER params for ?

    Thank you. 

  • I have a serious problem since upgrading my 3DR Quad to 2.4 and switched to new remote (Graupner MX-20). When I wanted to give it a try earlier today it just flipped. Back home I checked all settings, made sure its in X-Mode, remote inputs, etc. All settings seem good.

    When doing the hand test it works against something, but not really the right direction. When I push Pitch or Roll on my remote in any direction it feels like only Front-Left and Back-Right spin faster, but only those two, no matter what.

    I already downgraded to 2.3, switched back to my DX6i Transmitter. Still not working. Upgraded to 2.4 again, did a Reset from CLI, did the motor test. Test is ok (right order/direction). But still acting wrong. Since I didn't change anything in the wiring I'm totally clueless.

    Any idea welcome!

  • Moderator

    My quad still gets the "leans" bad, log file attached. My APM2 has been placed consecutively on 3 different types and densities of foam from firm to very soft. Problem still persists.

    Hopefully (please) can someone analyze the log and figure this out?


  • Developer

    ArduCopter v2.4xp2: Here some videos samples of full AUTO-LANDING tests flights in HIL mode on AeroSIM-RC 3.83 with a Raptor 30 type helicopter (H1) done with the firmware ArduCopter v2.4xp2 (JLN mod).  The official v2.4 firmware has been improved with a special Auto-Landing mod which uses only the BARO sensor.Tested with an ArduPilot Mega v1.4 connected in HIL mode on AeroSIM-RC v3.83 through the APM Mission planner.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

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