Good day guys !!  

I feel the need to obtain the information from my PixHawk in my Graupner MZ-24 screen. I found
some threads talking about a change in arducopter firmware to run the telemetry, not good at messing original controller firmware.

Then I found an "adapter" that staff of the AutoQuad made to convert the MavLink in Hott telemetry.

I come here to share a few changes I made in the project Mav2Rott downloaded here:
This is an adaptation to send the telemetry PixHawk for Graupner Hott Protocol.

Is correct with some features:

Battery Voltage;
Altitude for barometer;
Satellite count Speed;
Flight Modes Current drawn by the motor;
Direction of the Head;

I am not able to make it work:

Correct display Latitude and Longitude;
Distance of Home;
Direction of Home;

If anyone can help thank you very much.
The project is attached to the topic. The connections are equal to the jd-ioboard. I am using an Arduino Pro Mini.

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  • Thank you for you testing.

    I set both fields in GPS message:

    flight_direction contains GPS course (not current yaw, but real movement direction form GPS)


    angle_compass is set to current yaw.

    I don't know what RCs display both fields, but my MX-16 and MX-20 RCs do display flight_direction. I've got some reports of correct work of this code with MZ-24 RC, but I still don't know which data fields it does display. Regardless of display, RC logs all data to flash card, but I never used those logs in real life.

    I thought if flying copters it's better to show real movement direction as copter may fly any side ahead.

    If flying plane (code supports both) this is also informative as it shows real travel direction including wind influence.

    If this is critical I can make this parameter configurable via text menu.

    I renamed flight modes as you requested and modified coordinates calculations according to your example.

    I upload new HEX for you now, but I made it without testing as I have only my laptop with me now.

    Though I'd like to ask you do some testing and report results.




  • Loaded today MAVLink2Hott 1.4 into a pro mini board.

    It works great with my MC32 and GR-16. 

    The first thing I noticed is that the GPS coordinates are not correct: Graupner Display shows coordinates in dd° mm.mmm' format.

    When you compare the position from missionplanner in dd.ddddd° format at this website: with position from transmitter display, you will notice different locations. 

    You can find my conversion function from line 130. 

    Which direction shows the "DIR:" field? My copter is oriented to north, missionplanner shows 11° and DIR: 196°? Home-direction shows 0 because copter is on ground.

    Thank you for making the interface configurable via textmode!

    Can you change old flightmode "hybrid" to new "position hold"?


  • Version 1.4 released. Many bugs fixed.

    Newer documentation will be available at in few days.


  • Current version uses 85% of code memory and 55% of RAM. I don't think integration with MINIMOSD is possible. May be with newer CPU.

  • Hannes said:

    Missing data on Hott-transmitter: 

    please refer to serial configuration on

    If serial interface is miss-configured the interface does not get all necessary data. 

    Would it possible to integrate HoTT telemetry into minimosd? A new developer made some memory free by optimizing the old code. 

  • Thank you very much  Michel.

    I download later latest version and check it!

    If you tell me the changings I am able to look more detailed after them.

    I did about 10 flights with the 1.3 version and it was very pleasant and useful. :)

    Current and capacity work very good, height made a few minor mistakes in low altitude, I try to check it again with connected Mission Planner.

  • New version available with some bugs fixed. ;)


  • Started a git project following this idea:

    Interface for Ardupilot (Pixhawk, APM ...) to Graupner HoTT receiver to deliver Ardupilot telemetry data to Graupner transmitter. - j-lang/MAVLink2Ho…
  • will this work on a graupner mz-24?

    • I haven't tested this with MZ though I only have MX series now, but it should work.

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