I've just released ArduPlane 2.62

The main reason for this release so soon after 2.61 is to fix elevon mixing. That was broken completely in 2.61. My apologies to everyone with an elevon plane!

Other changes in this release:

  • new IMU timing code from Randy. This improves the accuracy of the timing in the DCM code, which should give a small improvement in attitude estimation
  • fixed fetching of relative altitude when you save a mission from the APM to a file using the mission planner
  • added support for MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN. This makes it possible to reboot an APM2 remotely from a ground station
  • added speed scaling for wheeled takeoff. This prevents the rudder from over-correcting in the later parts of a takeoff
  • fixed setting a specific GPS protocol for an APM1-1280. This allows you to select any of the GPS drivers in a APM1-1280.
  • fixed navigation roll in an automated landing, to prevent wings hitting the runway during the last stage of a landing
  • fixed LAND_PITCH_CD to only apply to the final part of a landing
  • fixed noisy PWM output on startup on an APM2. This should help with some cheaper ESCs not booting correctly on startup
  • fix for NMEA parsing from Alexey Kozin (thanks Alexey!)
  • added a AHRS_BARO_USE parameter. This allows you to disable the use of the barometer for vertical acceleration correction. Combined with ALT_MIX, this makes it possible to completely disable the use of the barometer (in case your barometer is very badly shielded from air flow)

Happy flying!

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Thanks Andrew, you are a machine!


The remote APM rebooting sounds good. My APM is buried in my airframe, so this will be useful. Will there be a reboot button on the mission planner to send the message?


Also can't wait to try out the ESC fix. My turnigy trust 40A ESC will sometimes not boot correctly.

Hi Andrew,


I will try it soon.

Is AS bug fixed in this release?


The remote APM rebooting sounds good. My APM is buried in my airframe, so this will be useful. Will there be a reboot button on the mission planner to send the message?

Michael could certainly add one. I've added it into MAVProxy for now.

Cheers, Tridge

Thannks a lot Andrew ^^

I was thinking that i was crazy ....

I give a lot this morning and come back for feedback ^^

Seems better but still having roll problems in stabilize and FBWA ( plane want to turn left when it's 100% leveled ).

I'll give a try/fly when the weather is better ( raining day today..... ).

But again, thank for the quickly support! your are a boss !

Has 2.92 fixed the telemetry painfully slow linkup bug that 2.61 has?

Hi all!

I just updated to this last firmware and somehting really strange happen. I was going to perform a radio calibration but I realised that there is a huge lag between my actions and the response on the APM planner...for  example, when I move the throttle stick it take like 7-8 seconds to show the bar moving up and down on the calibration menu. Same happen on flight stats, when I move  APM 2.5 around it shows in the panel really really slow and with a huge lag! It was working yesterday night with 2.61...

Any ideas??


I forgot to mention but, I did the usual things on this situation : reinstall firmware, reset factory, reinstall APM Planner, and even try it on another computer. Same result.

I covered the baro sensor as you explain on the wiki. Is it possible that this has something to do with it??


Just from the field.

Want to perform takeoff during auto mission with no success. The plane tends to pitch but with no throttle applied. The last time I was trying auto takeoff on 2.59 release and all was flawless. Also there is no airpeed sensor connected and the code is 2.62..

I just tested the new code in stabalize mode and seems to work just fine for my elevons. Thanks for the update. I'll be testing it soon in the field.



Thanks Andrew, I've been pulling what little hair I have left trying to get the elevon mixing working in 2.61. Will try again this evening with 2.62.

When you are in stabilize and the plane is good leveled, how is your right elevon ( the right wing when the end of the plane is front of you )?

Mine is a little bit too high. Not like in manual.

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