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Electronics enthusiast. Fly Indoor, at the moment, but have always wanted to delve into autopilots. Have flown in a (real) P51 and done 3 hours in a Tiger Moth with a wonderful pilot who did a full aerobat routine, and let me fly it. Just fabulous. Used to fly a 1/8 P51 years ago.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

General interest in the technology. Cutting edge stuff you guys are doing, and just want to be part of it. Always loved electronics and this is a marriage of physics/electronics/aerodynamics/building and pure gut feel. Just wonderful!



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Steve Gemmell posted a discussion
Hi All,I have a problem that am struggle to get around.When I power up the APM (its the AMP1 I use) and connect to Mission Planner, the altitude in the Flight Data page is relative, and is sitting somewhere in the +/5m range, so for so good. The…
Aug 3, 2013
Steve Gemmell replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.62 released
"I am also having issues getting any indication of airspeed. Working fine with 2.60, updated to 2.62, reloaded all the params, and airspeed sits at zero. All the obvious settings are correct. Have been playing with APM1 (2560) since Nov 2011 so…"
Sep 15, 2012
Steve Gemmell commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Arduino debugging tips
"Hi all,
I am using the latest Arduino and trying to compile Arduplane 2.50, and kept getting a compile error related to the Pins_Arduino.h and Arduino.h files which had the same prototypes and function declations for:
Jul 26, 2012
Steve Gemmell replied to Bryan K's discussion Differential Ailerons not working in ArduPlane v 2.26
The number for the program a differential Aileron channel has changed. The related code is now in RC_Channel_aux.cpp. THis whole area of code seems to have been significantly changes from 24-->26
You now need RC_CH5 =4 for the second aileron.…"
Dec 2, 2011
Steve Gemmell replied to Steve Gemmell's discussion Arduplane 2.26 Failsafe whilst in Manual
"Just answering my own question for anybody that is interested.
Have found out (should have known really) that the Manual mode I was is was in fact the PWM MUX hardware failsafe (ie ch8>1800ms or mode 6 if you like), so the ardupilot was not in the…"
Dec 2, 2011
Steve Gemmell replied to Steve Gemmell's discussion Ailerons on Channel 5 and 6
"Just like to add a little more to this thread re the new release 2.26. The code around the use of Ch5 and Ch6 in Attitude.pde has had quite alot of surgery on it. What I am interested in is should the code support the separate aileron on channel 5…"
Nov 21, 2011
Steve Gemmell posted a discussion
Hi All,I have been testing out 2.26 (APM 1.0.95) in the various failsafe modes, and have found that if the radio goes to failsafe (via throttle) when the Arduplane is in manual mode, it as per the code indicates, should go to circle mode. It is hard…
Nov 21, 2011
Steve Gemmell replied to Mayank Gupta's discussion Generating PWM waves of desired frequency......
"Hi Mayank,
I have generated a near pure PWM sine wave using a mega8 as follows:
Create a 255 byte array. Each byte of that array will represent the amplitude of 1/255 of a cycle of your waveform. So if you wanted to make a sine wave, then the…"
Nov 6, 2011
Steve Gemmell posted a discussion
I have had a good troll through the attitude.pde code (2.24) and see that support is there for putting a second aileron servo on channel 5 or 6, driven from channel 1.I am basing the following discussion on the fact that only one aileron channel…
Nov 6, 2011