ArduPlane 2.70 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.70

This is a bug fix release, primarily because of the telemetry rate bug that several people reported in 2.69. That bug caused Mission Planner to not display attitude information unless you forced the telemetry rate for the EXTRA1 stream by setting SR0_EXTRA1 to a non-zero value. This release fixes the bug so normal telemetry stream rate setting works again.

The changes in this release are:

  • fixed the telemetry rate bug
  • fixed the rate of altitude change in AUTO mode. This fixes a problem with poor altitude control during auto landing
  • enabled MAV_CMD_DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL for camera shutter control in missions
  • enabled USB console support on PX4, so telemetry is enabled both on the radio telemetry port and the USB port
  • added automatic AHRS trim support after 6 axis accelerometer calibration (thanks Randy!)
  • improved scheduling priorities on PX4
  • fixed a serial buffer handling bug on PX4
  • added automatic PX4IO firmware update on PX4 (if a new px4io.bin is put on the SD card it will be installed on next boot if you hold the arm button while booting)

Happy flying!

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  • how to instal arduplane 2.69 using APM planner?

  • Any estimate when the next firmware update will be out? There seams to be problems with 2.70?


  • I just upgraded from Ardupilot 2.65 to Version 2.7 I am using the cheaper GPS Ublox NEO-6M now the GPS is not recognized and I get in test section < ? in response to typing GPS not the ..... UBLOX  then showing the number of satellites detected. What is the different "The changes might be in the last updates too" that the NEO-6M is not working now ? thank you for your support

    Kind regards


  • Looking for some guidance. I have been using Ardupilot for a while but only Arducopter, Arduplane is new to me. I have successfully flown my X8 in all modes and successful missions. I have not had luck with the airspeed sensor. This is my only question and I have searched, maybe not good enough :) the setting on the main PID screen for Airspeed m/s I assume is your setting for cruising airspeed in missions, etc....ONLY if you are using an airspeed sensor? I am not using an airspeed sensor so is the Throttle Cruise value the best way for me to set my cruise speed disregarding wind effects.

    Appreciate any guidance. Thank you JEFF
  • A question again.

    Did anything changed in wind estimation?

    Is it normalised?


  • Hello,

    I'm trying to output some debug info from a custom camera mount system that I implemented into the AP_Mount.h, how do I get data out via Serial0 (USB port) of APM2.5 ? Now that the FastSerial library is not used anymore, how can I do this?

    Another option is to use the telemetry port but that would require disabling the MAVLink communication.

    I just need to print a float value.



  • I have down loaded the code for APM2.66 & APM2.70, and I notice some diferences between the two versions of log.pde files.

    The APM2.66 is about 2KB larger than APM2.70.

    While I haven't check completely, I did notice the start of the code is somewhat different.

    V2.66 has the following three lines at the beginning and V2.70 does not. 

    #define HEAD_BYTE1 0xA3 // Decimal 163
    #define HEAD_BYTE2 0x95 // Decimal 149
    #define END_BYTE 0xBA // Decimal 186

    There are some other changes in the menu construction definitions too.

    If I have the time this week I'll try compiling 2.70 with the 2.66 log.pde.



  • After installing this new firmware, when I tried to upload a flight plan with a DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL, the Mission Planner threw an error back at me saying:


    How do I allow for DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL commands to be sent?

  • Hi my APM 2.5 is now failing to boot on 2.70? Was working fine on 2.68 but now it doesn't work with either one! Nothing has changed except the firmware on APM and the new MP updates. LED C remains solid the whole time. It connects to MP but doesn't boot up or initialize. The console just keeps saying

    PANIC: Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times

    INFO Ardupilotmega.MAVLink.Utilities.Speech - TTS: say WARNING No Data for x Seconds

  • I am not an expert on electronics so could someone explain the advantaged and disadvantages of APM 2.5 vs PX4 when it comes to flying an airplane using GPS way point navigation. Looks to me like the PX4 will be way harder to get hooked up to all the servos. I’m just not sure how all that is going to work.

    Also the PX4 does not have a nice neat plastic case and has multiple boards – why is that?




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