CLI Giving Garbage with APM 2.6 with 3.2 firmware

Has anyone else experienced this. I cannot get the CLI to work with my APM 2.6 with 3.2 firmware but it works perfectly with 3.1.5 or lower. Its weird because it semms to start ok but then starts giving garbage characters. Don't really need the CLI for much anymore but I thought it was still the preferred method for erasing the eeprom or is there another way?



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  • Reflash to 3.1.5 firmware run logs you need for diagnosis.
    3.1.5 is the most stable in my opinion. After you remedy your issues that you would need terminal for reflash to 3.2.1 and recalibrate everything again.
    Really not entirely sure if the better firmware out weighs the cons of loosing terminal for building and diag especially if your vehicle is suffering from vibration problem or any other diag issues.
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    Hi Patrick,

    To be clear the CLI interface has only been removed for APM platforms; it still works with PX4.

    I haven't tried this myself, but try rhis. With Mission planner open type CTRL+F. This will bring up a "Temp" window. In the upper right corner there will be an option for "Wipe EEPROM".

    I'm not sure about how to test sensors without the CLI though. Report back when you try to erase the EEPROM.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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      Just "reset to defaults" in Full Parameter view does the same.
    • Thanks Nathaniel!  Never knew about that!  Will try it next time I want to wipe my eeprom!



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    Due to memory space limitations, the CLI code has been removed from the ArduCopter v3.2 and is therefore nonfunctional.


    TCIII Admin

  • Hi Guys! Sorry to kick the hornets nest with my question. I am sort of new to all this and I did try a search before posting but sometimes I guess it's tough and depending on search terms the answer isn't always apparent. I thought I had seen mention of the CLI being gone in 3.2 but then I thought it wouldn't work at all and since it looked like it was starting to work and then giving gibberish I thought it might be something I was doing wrong. Sorry again and I appreciate all the replies.



    • The jibberish your seeing when you connect is the binary data from mavlink.

      The APM will wait a few seconds on powerup and if they get 3 enters, it will enter CLI mode. Since theres no CLI on the old APM that never happens instead your seeing the binary mavlink data from telemetry. The old APM 2.x, has its telemetry, serial, usb connected together.

      Theres no CLI on the old APM so dont bother trying.

      • Back to the question asked above, how does one erase the eeprom now? And is it actually necessary to do this when upgrading, or changing from 'Copter to 'Plane?

        On RCG the experts are saying that it is necessary and that the way to do it is to install an earlier version of 'Copter or 'Plane which has the CLI, use the "erase" function, then install the newer firmware that you actually want to use.

        One of the methods some have used, installing 'Plane over 'Copter (or vice versa presumably) and then installing the new firmware you want to use is said not to be the answer unless the CLI "erase" is also used.

        If these processes are necessary one wonders why there was no "erase" facility provided somehow in 3.2.

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          You just need to go to the Full Param View and click Reset To Defaults. That will erase the EPROM. the CLI is no longer required as there is a GCS based way to do all the functions.


  • There is no more CLI with APM on 3.2.  Jibberish is all you will continue to get.  You can keep asking, the answer will be the same.

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